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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Andy Schultz

The guitar sound for this track is my Marshall JCM 800 direct out from the FX loop with a Celestion G12-80 loaded cab IR.
Recording Guitar solos with my custom finished Marvel Comics Electra Omega. Check out my Instagram page for pics of that guitar mod. https://www.instagram.co...
All music written, recorded, and produced by Andy Schultz in 2019-2020. Guitars were all played on a Legator Ninja through a Line6 Helix. The bass is a Hohne...
This song is a work in progress. All original written and played by me. The last solo has a descending pentatonic lick inspired by Syn's Etude lesson. I never thought to play a 3-1-3 notes per string pattern before.
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I'm playing No Remorse by Metallica. This song is a good one to work on your downpicking rhythm playing.
I did a play along of Through the Never by Metallica on bass. I don't play bass often, but it is a lot of fun.
Okay, so here is an old video of me playing the main riff for Betrayed from City of Evil.