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Media added by ashley willis

Update: a little more practice with the Crazy Train solo. 2nd video. Getting better but still having some trouble, especially with the ascending riff at the end. Odd angle for my hands to get there in time.
I’ve gotten to where I don’t like to post a lot due to my social anxiety, but my wife @[4668:@Alicia Willis] insisted, so here is my rough attempt at the Crazy Train solo.
My rough attempt at Dave Murray’s (the first solo in the song) solo to Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast.” I’ve spent hours on this and still have many ...
Who needs to go to the gym for an arm workout when you can play James Hetfield riffs? Great downpicking exercise.
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*i do not own rights to this music. All rights to respective owners* Using backing track with vocals from YouTube. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Seymour...
Practicing the solo for Enter Sandman by Metallica. Using a Fender Player Strat, Dunlop CAE MC404 wah pedal, Ibanez TS-9, TC Electronics Sentry noise gate in...
Part of the intro to The Eagle Flies Alone by Arch Enemy. Not note for note for the intro and I know there’s a part I missed but have the overall essence of it.
As a follow up to my asking for advice on string noise, I made an exercise to help with string muting using basic sweep picking. I can kill 2 birds with 1 st...
Playing around with Wasting Love by Iron Maiden. Haven’t been in the most creative mood, so trying to just practice things I’ve learned before. Playing rando...
Improv fingerpicking style of the old song The Wildwood Flower. Unbrushed hair and all. Using an Ovation through Boss Katana 100 watt. Some history of the song: “Originally it was a “parlor song,” a quiet tune meant for amateur performance in the drawing ...
Late night, anxiety in full swing for no reason, so some unplugged practice just trying to keep up and get the fingering as close as I can anyway. Not perfec...
Picking advice on Adrian Smith’s solo from “The Trooper”. What’s the best way to pick progressively faster licks? I show how I do it but they’re may be an easier or better way. Up for any advice and help to get up to speed.
UPDATE: As promised, I did this to a backing track after some more practice. Simple Man solo with backing track. The backing track is the bass and drum recording from the original album recording.
Weekend project. CAUTION: UNDER CONSTRUCTION-both solos from “The Trooper” by the mighty #IronMaiden, missed/extra notes, bad timing and all. #practice #guit...
Started working on Simple Man solo today. I’ll upload a better video when my fingers aren’t ready to bleed and I can play it to tempo with a backing track lol.
To go along with people not being afraid to post, in trying not to be afraid to post. My amazing wife, Alicia Willis, did a great video in the forums about posting videos. Only way to get over my social/performance anxiety is to just post.
Decided to upload a not-so-perfect video. Every guitar player spends hours practicing and messing up until he/she gets it right. This is that process. Metall...
Finger picking style acoustic cover of Nothing Else Matters intro I did back in April. One day I’ll learn to do better recording than propping up my iPhone lol.
Thanks to my wife, Alicia Willis for getting me to break out of my shell and actually share. I’m playing the solo from the Iron Maiden song Wasting Love over a YouTube backing track. Any comments, suggestions, criticisms are appreciated!
Recorded back in April 2019. Fingerpicking acoustic cover. Appreciate any feedback!
Basic 3 string major arpeggios. I love neoclassical style and melodic riffs, with Jeff Loomis being one of my favorite guitar players. I’m beginning to learn sweep picking for the sweeping technique itself, but also to practice string muting with both hands, timing and left hand finger work.
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