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After learning some easy songs i wanted to challenge myself again and here are the results - Room 409 with all parts including solo.
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Full song is quite fast so if everything goes well i will upload the full cover in a few months...:D
I prefer old Godsmack but this is very good and fun song to play. Great for beginners i think.
Lately i got into Gojira, this is the first song i heard from them. I play it without whammy pedal. I hope it's accurate, enjoy!
I wanted to give up while learning this song but here it is. Never give up kids 😀
Hand of Blood was one of the first songs i wanted to learn when i started playing guitar (1.5 years ago) but obviously my skills weren't that good back then. Couple days ago finally i have finished learning this song. Hope you like it.
After 10 months of playing guitar i learned my first "more complicated song" - Scream. I've recorded this video for friends but screw it, i'm going to post it here too. Definitely i will spent dozens of hours more with this song and then, maybe i'm going to upload the whole song.