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5th song on the Centzless release. This one is more a throwback to the earlier sound I've shared on songs I wrote. And because of that, i felt the vibe of the lyrics would have to relate too. Refer to comments for a pic and explanation of the song.
Noticed a couple people with questions on positions and keys.. etc. This video is aimed at them. Basically I'm talking about taking a chord. Finding the root note on a certain string and playing the minor and relative major arpeggio in that position. And how that has helped me identify correct voice changes between chords when improving. I'm literally playing the same position and scales over every chord now. Ask if you have questions. Sorry it's longer then I wanted.
continuing with the pattern last week I'm gonna add a new song I dont have listed anywhere. This song actually had a brief appearance on the site before but not fully finished. This song came from an Amanda Palmer contest she had last year or two years ago. She had a news paper about a moment where new york lost power.. I could find the post on her instagram I think. I was late on the contest, but I still finished the song. refer to comments for song explanation.
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help me find a better software then NCH please. Will never use that program again.
This will be the last song I highlight off this set of songs. I may select a couple from the first set but the song writing aspect will be different as theory isn't 100% in those songs. refer to comments for details.
a newer song that was written around the same time as my 2nd set of songs I have up on spotify. This one isn't there but will be when I release the next 10. This is the 2nd one I'm gonna hightlight as synner was the first. refer to comments for the details.
3rd song I'm high lighting and one of my favourites. refer to comments for description.
This is a 1 5 4 6 progression. I moved the position up to the top of the fretboard and used the major and minor arpeggios when I felt like it overtop the chords. Getting a bit more familiar with the changes in positioning with each chord. Although I really only find myself using 2 positions I'm also using the major relative minor in those same positions. I guess I could move them around more. I'm at a point where km ready for something more. I'm gonna start trying to use altered chords in between. Have any you wanna suggest (sus dim ect..).
2nd song im hightlighting off my 2nd set of songs I recently uploaded to spotify. This one is pretty simple and to the point. refer to comments to explanation and breakdown.
this was recorded moments after jak posted her post last night. the inspiration she created is never ending.
my first set of songs have been reuploaded to streaming services. I just started the process of the 2nd set. This is a song I'm highlighting first off that as I wrote it at the school. I was doing the caged system lessons, and I built the melody off that. Although the chords are G and A and the melody is based off the C major system I think it sounds ok. I debatted changing the chords but I figured it already fits together why mess with it. This is one of my favourite songs I wrote due to how smooth it came together. A lot of melody in this song.
Using the 1 5 4 6 chords in different patterns. Getting more familiar with the sounds of the progressions.. gonna start trying to point them out in videos.
Improv 83
You asked for shorter videos this is probably the shortest they will go. This was the first of a few to contain some new chords my friend Spencer (who is courting guitar parts with me) was using. I do not believe i played the scale to.match that chord but will be looking up these scales more and practice it this weekend.
mix is kind of low. I apologize for that. I suggest going to 51:30 of my twitch stream to get a better listen to this. The rhythm is a couple dbs too high.
2 things. One I completely lost my place on what chord was what when I went down the fret board half way through the video...so I focused on staying in the g minor scale for the most part. And 2... I also realized a couple things about how you can find the relative minor arpeggio in the same position as major. I'll link the twitch video in the comments.. its longer as I second guess myself plenty of times in the video when I was right all along. But I did make some mistakes that I have to fix on paper but I know them in the video.
im doing an instagram series where I play through Avenged songs that I haven't played in over 10 years, or never at all. THis weekends was remissions. I spent hours learning as much as I could to get a solid play through. I wont link all of them here, but this one I had fun playing and was one I struggled with before so felt proud to play it this time round.
Diminished challenge
Read what's in the post. I could spent hours expanding the diminished notes but meh. The meaning of this was mainly to practice more positions and diminished is one I've barely touched. So good challenge.
getting more comfortable with new positions. This one shares the same scales as 3 and 5 are relative to each other.