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Well here it finally IS! My first full cover of a song, suggested to me by @[4668:@Alicia Willis]. Oh boi...this was a challenge. I used a backing track without vocals of the song on youtube...Then I had the GENIOUS idea of adding vocals to it.....and then all went downhill from here....I recorded the audio and video of the guitar in one take, added it to Audacity and noticed the audio is kinda offf.. Thanks to the help of @[477:@Ids Schiere] and @[398:@Filip Tomiša] I realized that it was out of synch and kinda in different I chooped at it and created a ittle mess XD. Well it was a learning experience for sure!
Synner Family, Im back with another 2 Cents! This video is way longer than I thought It was gonna be, but nonetheless I believe there is some valuable info in here. Wanted to say thank you to @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] for the amazing lesson (and using a still of it on this video). Also wanna let @[5:@Jak Angelescu] know that this is being done! Do ya'll have any video you want me to make a 2 Cents video on? Lemme know!! Hope this helpes!
Just a little experiment I had in mind. Coincidentally that is the song I learned in my very first Jam session with a good buddy of mine!
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After the amazing feedback I got from my first video, I returned with some more! I just wanted to remind us all (me included) that we gotta practice all we learned...otherwise we will forget it (Syn said that in a Syn Tips too!) The backing track used in this video (next time I shall lower this bad boi): Can someone tell me where I ripped the melody off? Tagging @[5:@Jak Angelescu] just to let Queen Cat of this school know that work is being put in. P.S: @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga], I put a fun little easter egg in there at around 6:20 XD.
After doing another CJ's 2 Cents( I had to improv to [email protected] Angelescu
Whaddup fam, as @[5:@Jak Angelescu] told us, we should demonstrate what we got from the lessons. So therefore I am making this a little series of giving my 2 Cents. P.S: Apologies for the background noise...noisy neighbour's....Also I meant fingers nor hands XD.
Thanks again @[4668:@Alicia Willis] for starting this series agian. Imma just tag @[5:@Jak Angelescu] so she knows this is a thing XD. Can't wait to see what ya'll are up to. Also I wanted to use this opportunity to practice a little bit of my editing skills (nothing too fancy).
Quarantine Jamz Nr.7 Ghost Cirice solo cover
Wellp, only took a big chunk out of my time....this solo was one of my goal solos...before I started playing guitar. It was the first ghost song I have ever heard...and made me fall in love with them. I used a backing track so one could hear the solo I play...(for good and bad) I still need to work on my sound but I am happy with what I got now. Time will make me improve! P.S. The fast bit in the solo...the scale way in hell could I play that with alternate I guess I used legato! For the win!
Quarantine Jamz #6.....So long #Fakerighty
Finally learned how to unflip the picture and now ya'll can see me in my true lefty form XD. And also playing a lefty King's song...Albert King...Well my blues has a lot of growing to...PG's masterclass here I come.
Quarantine Jamz Nr.5 A fun little experiment.
Gearing up for that shredd collab learned Audio and some video editing. Hope you enjoy this little jam. Used Audacity and Olive. Both free software. There are also some really cool tutorials for boty of them online. Let me know If you want me to share them!
Quarantine Jamz Nr.4! This Charming man
$ynners...I finally did it. 100% speed. Im so happy this is one of my all time favourite songs. I love the unending arpeggios. Johnny Marr is one of the Greatests!
Quarantine Jamz Nr.3  Dance Macabre by Ghost.
Quarantine Jamz Nr.3 Dance Macabre by Ghost. By least liked song of theirs.......but the solo rippss!
Quarantine Jamz Gates School Nr. 2
Quarantine Jamz Synyster Gates School Nr. 2 Playing over Monstrance Clock by my beloved Ghost....I tried to sweep and tap...emphasis on tried.
Quarantine Jam Synyster Gates School Nr.1
Look at me try a Dm an improv XD. Time to put new tricks into the improv. Thanks for the idea @[44223:@Rute Rodrigues]...and thanks @[5:@Jak Angelescu] for making the category.
If you have ghosts First solo cover
So the band Ghost announced a new Papa and because of that ai decided to play one of my favourite solos. Btw. Check out my picking hand....I think I found a definite way to pick ( and all thanks to a sock!)
Jamming in A minor
Well as promised I will be more active over here and thus I have a short video of me jamming in A minor. Will for sure use youtube from now on....I am a newbie on instagram too and did not even know that videos had a minute mark....ffs...and the ration too...