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Song in Cm, a rarity in hard rock. Hopefully this illustrates that this particular key gives an opportunity to show that a simple open G makes for a nice slam chord...somewhere in the song. :)
Whenever I have time, I like to do quick recordings of my rough ideas with drum tracks, so I don't forget them. I have had completed songs, and if I didn't "practice" them enough, some went down the memory hole, lol. I do not actually like singing but I do the filler vocals to map the melodies and lyrics on these scratch recordings. Maybe I can get time to recruit an actual vocalist and get around to recording these tunes "for real." Lot of jokers on Craigs though. Song is primarily in Am but with lead-ins in A major which help bridge to the guitar solo in F#m: Bm7-C#m7-F#m (sort of a B Dorian feel) before going back to Am.