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hi guys i've learned by ear the solo syn plays on this video i couldn't have a backing track for playing this solo so this is only me playing without anything else. i hope you like it, any tips would be really helpful
i was hearing warmness on the soul on my headphones and i came out with this solo at the end part of the song, i hope you like it, its my first video after almost 1 year since i last posted. any tips or feedback is really preciated
Demo of a song im writting and recording
hi guys this a demo of a song im doing on my home studio, it will be the opener track for my future EP, what do you think?
The Stage Chorus.mp3
I learned by ear the Chorus of The Stage, the second one and recorded it :) let me know what you guys think. i didn't mixed it :(
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i failed a bit the triplets part haha, finally im able to do it full speed, any tips or feedback? so i can improve and start with the sextuplets part! :)
here is my progress on the etude ! im almost at full speed tho (only at eights, eights triplets and sixteenths, still need to learn sixteenths sextuplets), but im still gonna work on 95% speed a little longer with some minor issues :) any tips ?
Amazing player makes guitar talk ! (Comedy)
i have to post this little jewel i've found while looking on my fb start menu hahaha its a little bit of humor, (this is not me), he litterally is making the guitar talk xD haha
thats how much far i've come on sixteenths at 80% speed, over the next week i will upload if there's any progress on that but the sextuplets on sixteenths are too hard for me right now :C
This is my progress at 100% on the Eigths notes and the eights notes triplets parts, but i still struggle with 100% speed with the sixteenths notes :(
I was challenged to play this riff by @[477:@Ids Schiere] , i have some fails haha because of that eigth before the D chord fucks my tempo haha plus i didn't hear much the song before haha
This is a song called Love Theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso, i composed the bass line for a guitar school task, and do a variation of the articulations on the second repetition of the song :) i hope you like it, tell me what you think :)
The Wicked Game Demo
hi guys this a old demo of a song i made, idk why i called it the wicked game, its not complete there missing solos and the outro is poor haha, also i don't know much about recording or mixing, i hope you like the song, i want to ask what i can do to improve my song writting and mixing haha
my attetemp to play this amazing solo, its not complete i didn't play the dual part, tell me what you think, and all tips are preciated