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Jam & Get Carried Away-1.mp4
Jammin some sweeps. Some Fk ups, but still something to do lol.
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I Like It!-1.mp4
Zero Social Life LOL.mp4
Alternate picking at 300BPM
Me attempting to rap and play guitar lol
March To War.mp3
I'm the guy that makes people shit their pants in the mosh pit!
Beautiful Tragedy-In This Moment (Guitar and Vocals Cover)-1.mp4
I enjoy going to the local bar to noise the place up with my music playing. There is this really sexy chick who is usually there, and we both like this band, so I attempted to learn this song to impress her. Unfortunately it did not seem to work. Craps eh, Maybe I need to rethink my life, i donno
Savior-Black Veil Brides (Acoustic Cover)-1.mp4
Ya, some people refer to me as "emo." Wah Wah Wee Wah. I do not give a shit!
Power Of Self.mp3
Some empowering words for your darkest days. Life is hard, and I want you to know that I got ur back. Also the verse for this song is played using all down strums, so you will develop a mighty strong fap hand if you learn how to play this!
March To War.mp3
This is the one where people shit their pants in the mosh pit!
Trying to play guitar and rap lol.
Swing Life Away-Rise Against (Acoustic Cover)-1.mp4
I just want to say a big, heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart to Syn and Papa Gates for creating this fantastic website! Even though I don't really post often, I thoroughly appreciate the help that this has given me on my rock and roll journey! So, whatever that's worth, thank you!
My Heart Is Broken-Evanescence (Acoustic Cover)-1.mp4
Video appears to be recorded using a toaster. Sorry, but for some reason I am not able to upload at the proper resolution, why I do not know.