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Got some fine tuning to do, but I was able to play part of Going to California along with the recording. Big thanks to @[1427:@Ed Seith] for the tip on practicing faster than the recording and thanks to @[4668:@Alicia Willis] for the tip on pinky finger anchoring. Still working on that jump from intro to main theme, but it's getting faster.
Spending quality time with my acoustic and I think that Jimmy Page's acoustic work is underappreciated. I'm still working on the transition between the first and second part, so I paused the video. That's why there's a skip. I've come a long way in 2 days.
Sounds better than it did a few weeks ago believe it or not. Lol. Any tips appreciated. I'll be gradually working the thumb pick in. I tried it today but it frustrated me.
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So, this really could be any Blues riff. But I first heard it on Bring it on Home by Led Zeppelin. Was also dicking around with my Blues driver pedal.
Not sure if this is rock or not, but I'm putting it here. A few mistakes and I'm not at finger picking or speed stages yet but it's coming along. I was feeling camera shy, hence the mask.
I was a bit anxious/nervous about showing my face on camera so I look a bit twitchy. Lol. I meant to say that Jimmy Page inspired me to want to play electric guitar and Syn inspired me to learn it.