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My hands hurt after practicing this for two hours😂 but revisiting the old lessons today made me realize how much I'm lacking in the basics all over again.
Since I have been taking a break from my private lessons, has been using the time to really hone in on what I've learned. I re visited the C major scale in the concept he wanted me to get really well under my belt: the concept of key changes :)
I have put myself in guitar school all over again! Instead of feeling pressured to get solos completely perfect, I am giving myself assignments for certain things and my assignment for this week was to get the rhythm of the song up to speed and played standing up as if I was in a performance. Next week I will start really nailing on the solo! I already know it but I can't play it up to speed yet very well. I dedicate this video to @[4668:@Alicia Willis] who inspired me to have fun and let go and goof off if I want to be myself. I also dedicate this to @[59877:@Kat the metalhead] who doesn't ever give a shit what people think about how she looks or how she plays. She rocks hard on the camera and she is always true to herself. Something that I have forgotten about over the last few years.
I was so confused by what @firsty lasty said to another student but I asked Bill for help and he clarified it for me and showed me what it means. This was so fucking cool! Let me know if I messed anything up!
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This is my progress so far with the new NorthTale song :) I present it to Bill on Saturday and I decided to do it on my own to see if I could learn some things by ear with with what all he has taught me. I know the key signature, the chords and the scales being used (thanks Andrei!) . As always feedback is much appreciated! I also chose this song because there is a lot of arpeggio work, down strokes and bends throughout and those are all the things he wants me to work on.
For my homework I really was supposed to focus on incorporating more bends and including a lick he taught me in a written solo. I hope you like it! Feedback encouraged🤗🇺🇲🤗
I just love my teacher that's all I'm going to say. He issued me a way to improve my speed and I got 42BPM faster in just a few hours of practicing. This is the fastest I've ever played!!
My lessons of help so much with figuring out songs! I hope you enjoy this! I have wanted to learn this song for years!
We worked really hard on this song and I'm proud that I learned it without even listening to the song! Holly helped figure out a chord as well and we had fun utilizing my interval training to figure out the harmonies. Hope you enjoy it!
There is so much that Bill has taught me. And there is one amazing thing that finally sank in; actually a couple of them, that I can't wait to share with you. First thing is the chord training where I had to find chords knowing the notes. Then I had to improvise over the chords using those shapes. Then I wrote a little riff. The end is me STILL struggling doing the scales up and down the neck. I left my mistakes in. I slow down to try to find myself😂😂
I learned a little bit more! I don't think anyone knows how hard I rock this song. When I listen to this song, so do the neighbor's cows😂 Bill starts the solo section tomorrow!
For those of you who don't know, I have been taking lessons privately from a guitarist whose band I've become obsessed with. I've been very honored that he s...
I know I am not playing standing up. Unfortunately I am still recovering from my head incident and I can only play standing up for so long. However these les...
I flub the tapping at the end🤦‍♀️ do I sound like I go in and out of keys? Both my dad and Holly say it sounds like it I do but other than chromatics I'm mos...
I wrote this in an hour. It's at 90% speed but I'm getting there😃 I forgot my guitar was in drop D and ended up with this jam.
I have one more day of incorporating lesson 26 before I move on! I came up with a motif I liked and improvised some of this.
I'm so happy! I use to struggle with the phrygian dominant walkdown and this song was so hard I gave up! Six years later I nailed it without practicing and l...
I'm bummed that in some parts you can't really hear my guitar. But I practice combining the arpeggios and the other positions as well as attempting double st...
I even left the boo boos 🥰 I'm getting more comfortable switching positions. You'll hear me attempt the same thing multiple times
I am finally getting back into one of my biggest passions again! I don't care if i have to start back at square one again. Unlike electric guitar, every single note you play has to have it's own volume. In these arp...
I've been really enjoying my new practicing method! I actually got these build-up runs at a 120 BPM! That's always been very difficult for me to do. I do dou...