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Media added by James Thomas

A short clip of a longer (yet error filled video) of myself trying to learn one of my favorite songs of all time by ear. This is something I’m trying to get better at. It’s a tad messy but I’ll post a full video once I have it down. This is just a video of the learning process :) it’s exciting and I just wanted to share


A bit of a song I’ve been working on called “Ciphers”. The full song is written out, some of the parts are just tricky and I don’t have them 100% down yet so I strung this together from the main parts of the verse and chorus :)
A cover of the track “Horn” by Nick Drake. He used lots of odd tunings + finger picking patterns so his style has always seemed unobtainable to me (I never finger pick lol) but I’ve decided to do my best to learn from what he left behind 😄 Only just learned it today. Sorry for metronome vol!
This is a bit of a thrashy song my drummer and I have been working on called ‘Coma’. Sadly I’m not playing to a click here (I know I know, for shame) but the ap I use wouldn’t play while taking a video. Comments + constructive criticism welcome!
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A little bit of one of my favorite songs from The Rolling Stones. Keith is a master of bluesy country guitar and I’ve always found his playing on this song to be interesting and fun! Any comments or criticism is of course welcome!