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Creeping Death-Metallica full speed
Havent posted in a minute, so this is for those who dont follow me on instagram. Creeping death, Full speed! Worked on this for a while, to a metronome, god it was terrible. Paid off though!
Well guys, been a while since ive posted a cover. This song is so fun to play. Not perfect by any means but it took me awhile to get it to this point, and it feels good to have it where it is. Been really working on my picking hand technique, sweeping, and changing pickups for certain parts(looking at you for that one @[5:@Jak Angelescu]) Hope you guys like it!
Here’s my final take for the collab. Been a rough week, and honestly i was so exhausted i couldnt believe i got a good take😂 For the sake of being behind (and ease of recording) i just used my phone to record. Hope this is okay. @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga]
S.A.T.O solo by Randy Rhoads
Jammed to this song this morning and forgot how fun it was to play! Been working on alternate picking as well as my legato which are both crucial to play a solo by Randy Rhoads! Dont worry @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] my angels cover is coming😂
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Leper Messiah Jam
My freebird jam was so out of tune i took it down😂 so here’s me jamming to leper messiah for a #metalminute! @[3987:@Dominik Graeber] i think you’ll like this one!
Im still alive guys! Haha havent recorded in weeks, but here’s my audition. Didnt turn out as good as it sounded in my head but here it is!
The last 20 or so seconds got cut off i have no idea why haha but here’s this incredibly fun song (and hard solo)! Made even harder because i have an ingrown fingernail/hangnail on my fretting hands index finger 😂 enjoy guys and gals! @[1427:@Ed Seith] would love any advice or pointers if you got some!
@[4668:@Alicia Willis] asked me to play tuesdays gone so here it is! I hope i did it justice 😅
@[477:@Ids Schiere] challenged me to play this means war, so here’s me having fun with the whole rhythm part of the song!
Due to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] recent video, i bit the bullet and uploaded my full cover of this song! Made a couple mistakes, but i just had fun with it. Enjoy and tell me what you guys think!
call me the breeze solo
I did this to warm up for the riff challenge and it sounded good so i recorded it! Haha hope you guys like it
Dethklok-The Duel
This was a labor of love. I love dethklok and brendon small, for its this music that taught me how to sweep pick! Hope you guys like it!
Buried alive solo!
definitely a 2 year old video but ive never posted an avenged solo on here! And im pretty sure i played a couple wrong arps in there but You live and learn right?