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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Joe Giumarello

10's by Pantera
Been a while since I have been on here, going to start posting more from my tiktok and going to be more active in the forums!
It’s been a while since I posted something and I think it’s time to lol. This is from a while ago but I’ll be sure to post more stuff
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Hey guys, so i started a band recently and we got in a little recording today, not much, only up to before the bridge but I'd love to hear feedback on how we can improve. Thanks!
Decided after my Levels by Avicii guitar remix, I’d do one on Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers
It's been a while since I uploaded, so I figured I'd doing something worth while: Afterlife
Here's the solo from Planets, I was unable to find a full backing track so I apologize for it being short
Bat Country- this is my first ever recording direct through my laptop using a 6505mh but I'd love to get an SM57. Also didn't know how to add in harmonies
Trashed and Scattered in my opinion has one of the best chorus leads and it makes me wonder how someone starts to compose it lol
Shoutout to Syn, Papa Gates, and Martin Ronning for the tips. I struggled with getting clean sweeps but now it seems to be clearing up!
Hey guys, this is an exercise I enjoy doing (plus it sounds cool). It helps build dexterity and some speed. This is my first lesson so don't hate me too much lol. Hope you guys enjoy!!
Just wanted to put this out there. A few parts are off but I was happy with how it came out.
I was thinking about doing improvisation on Friday's to see how much I improve. Feedback would be great!