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Alicia had a nice idea. Posting a video of when you first started playing a song and now. I found 2 video's. One is when i started trying this solo and another is from a few months ago. Its still not perfect, but its nice to see the difference :) Sorry about the add through the video... I didnt have a video program to put the 2 vids together (if someone knows a good free program for that??)
I think I only upload files here on my practising, so I thought it was time for a little cover part Im currently working on :)

sgs collab

Made video later, so if synch is not perfectly thats why :) I will fix it later
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Hi all Been practising on my palm muting with this song. Im pretty happy with the result. But as always open to advice to become better :)
Hi all, im practising on One - Metallica. One of my favorites all time. Im having difficulty with a part, i explain it in video
I tried tapping before, but didnt "pull off" the tapping finger in correct way. PG explained how to do this, and im practising on it. Tapping is really fun!
Hi all, pretty shy about posting this, with speaking also in a video, never done it before, but I feel good here, so lets go for it :) Im practising on bending, a lesson by papa Gates. Bending and vibrato are pretty difficult to me (to hear if im in right note), but i just keep on practising to get it better. Feedback appreciated
Hi all, here is a video of me practising on palm muting. Ive got some advice here lately and im practising on it. Is the mute ok now, or is it maybe too soft, should I pick muted note harder? Any other advice is welcome! Thanks for watching

sgs collab rhythm

Practising on rhythm part. I found the fast palm muted part very difficult. So i dont get it all right, but wanted to post this, cause im working on it @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga]
Hi all, a week ago I posted me practising solo of Warmness on the Soul. I have worked on the advice that was given to me: - the slides, i push harder on the fret when moving, so the sounds stays better - Put my fingers more close to eachother above the fretboard - Vibrato. Still have difficulties with it, especially in second part, which is a little bit faster. If I~ wanna do it the correct way I seem to have too short of time. Its not a big change in total, but I see some slightly progress and wanted to share with you, because of all the nice feedback i got on my first video. I still miss like a full and smooth sound like i hear when i look up a cover on internet, but problibly I need lot more practise for that. My sound on video is also not really good, because i use computer microphone
Hi all, im kinda nervous to post a video (had sweaty hands during recording haha), but as so many of you putting vids on, I thought I should give it a go. Its me practising solo of Warmness on the soul. About a month ago i changed how i hold my pick and to not let my pinky rest on the guitar. I would really appreciate some advice, I think i should add more vibrato (and i find that difficult) to make the sound warmer i think. Any other feedback is also welcome
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