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Repost since this was removed with the site update. My first time performing in over a year, and my first attempt at this monster of a song! I was expecting to have at least 30 minutes to warm up for the 2 son...
Repost of old material that was lost in the site upgrade. Very proud of what I achieved, even though I learned the middle of the solo is totally wrong LOL
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There are timestamps for specific topics in my comment below. Hope you guys get some value out of this! Martin has always been a big inspiration to me.
Bat Country Live at a coffee shop open mic in Dallas TX. Did really good an nailed the shred section!
Definitely my favorite battle scene of the whole series! When the dragon swooped out of left field and blindsided the Lannisters I definitely came a little....
Here's the Afterlife solo! I'm starting to get the super-fast picking parts more consistently, so in the mean time I say fuck the easy parts (like the beginning), I will fix them later lol right now it's all about making sure I stay relaxed while playing and training my mind to play it all the way t