Media added by Millie Imber

Quick little cover of the main theme to Banjo-Tooie's Glitter Gulch Mine level. Not the full thing, just as much as I could capture in a minute. Using metronome at 135bpm. Will try and leave tabs in the comments!
Another shot at the A7X Burn It Down intro after a bit of downtime. Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement from previous attempts. Using a metronome at 115bpm playing two notes per beat. Apologies for the bad quality, phone really isn't the greatest.
Not a full cover as I can't record over a minute on my phone atm. Just a fun little vid of a song I've wanted to learn for a while now. Learnt completely by ear, in drop D using nothing but power chords, so let me know what you think or if there's anything I can improve on!
Just a fun little vid. Learnt how to play part of ALPOH ages again, and then eventually decided to learn it at a higher octave just for fun shortly after that. Haven't played this in a while, so definitely needs more work, but again, just a bit of fun. 🙂
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