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Breaking down a solo #1
Here's to quickly answer what it really means to learn a guitar solo, asides from playing slowly!
Hey Synners! Came up with this cool little piece, inspired by lesson 101 & 102 - Harmonic Minor & Phrygian Dominant scale, featuring "Shepherd of Fire"! Recycled drums from Shepherd of Fire, because I don't have the resources to create my own track(budget). The main/intro melody utilizes the 5th degree of the G Harmonic minor scale, which is a D Phrygian with a #3, also called the D Phrygian dominant scale , backed up with a couple of cool chords, which I may do an explanation video upon request :) Apologies for the bad mix. I was rushing this one out x) Credits to Alpom ( ) for the isolated drum track! Gear used: Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S Blackstar ID:Core Beam All the best & enjoy, Synners!
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2 years after I performed it for the first time, I managed to bring out the song with a live band! It was magical :) At this point, I was using a Synyster Special, modded with a Sustainiac.
Another throwback to 2014 with my Syn Custom-S white w/ black stripes! It was my first time performing in front of thousands and it was sort of last minute and kind of impromptu but it was a great experience nonetheless :)
This was 6 years ago. Me and my buddies performed for a school concert. I owned a white Synyster Custom-S with black stripes back then. Excuse the background and sound. Budget was tight xD And we were all still pretty new to the stage. So excuse our stage presence as well haha
Beast and the Harlot cover
Commemorating 10 years of my guitar journey with the first song I attempted on the guitar! All guitar parts by yours truly ;)
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