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Media added by Pablo De Miguel

I used the C minor backing track provided on the diminished scale lesson and I tried to apply the Ab diminished on the V chord. I feel that my playing has turned slopier lately and that my chops arent as good as they used to be and I think that the reason of that is that I was burned out. Yesterday I left my guitar to a luthier to readjust it so for the next week I won´t be playing it and also for the next 3 weeks I wont have much time to play since I will be busy with final exams. I will take that as a rest(I will play my guitar once it is fixed before those 3 week, tho, just to keep in shape) and after that I will start practicing at 100% and changing my aproach focusing on certaing aspects of my playing for three months to really improve on whatever I want to get better after moving on to the next thing
This is somethimg I do to get more familiar to scales or keys I don´t control well. I improvise with chords and some leads runs, I am not thinking on particuar chords, I just try to fit the chords in the scale pattern to know were it is. What I am thinking about while doing this is the scale position because my objetive with these is to know better where it is. It is also a fun improvisation exsercise and you can get some cool chord progresion ideas from it. The key I´m using in these video is B flat.
The next year Im going to try to be admitted by a music school and this is some of the reperoir that I need to know to the acces test.
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In this video im doing de same thing that i do on the last two videos but this time on the left side of the circle of fifhts. There are more mistakes but i will keep working on this excecise
The second video that I make doing my arpeggios-improvisation etude. This is the firts time that I modulate trough all the keys on the right side of the circle of fifhts. These days I´ve been working on the left side keys of the circle of fifhts so the next video will be practicing those
What Im trying to do here is to improvise playing arpeggios trying to play a different arpeggio on every beat and using the 7 positions. I start in the key of C major and I modulate to the key of G major and then to D major(following the circle of fifhts). The tempo is at 40 bpm and im working on feeling comfortable using the key of A major and E major to add them to the excercise
Like 3-4 months ago I said that I was going to be more active in the Synyster Gates School and for those who care this time I will try to keep that promise XD. A few weeks ago I saw a Rick Beato´s video that made me realise that my daily guitar routine was obsolete for me so I rearrangemented it, i bought the beato book and I paid his ear training program. The last series of videos that I uploated here was different improvisations(in the same key,G major) trying to hit a note of the chords every time that it changes and through these three moths i´ve learned the chords and arpeggios in every other key. My main goals right now are improving my improvisation, improve my finguerpicking, learnig the diminished and whole tone scale and apply them, learn to sight read(i will not do videos learning this,tho XD),and improve my rithim and tempo feel. This time I will force myself to upload videos to have a register of my progress and to have recordings of my playing so I can hear my mistakes.
This is the first cover that I record with an audio interface. A good friend of mine helped me a lot telling me how to use it and he mixed my recording whith the song and I think that the result is pretty good
It took me a while to make this video,but here it is. I finally know the arpeggios within every position of the major scale but I still have a lot to learn and practice about arpeggios
One more day! At this point I feel that i'm starting to really know were are the arpeggios that I want to play and I think that my improvisation while thinking on what arpeggios play is getting more smoth. I think that the melodies that I play on this video are less shitier that the other videos so there are some improvements on this aspect tooXD
One more position!! This time I added the fifht position and I played some chromaticisms here and there
I finally added the fourth position to my arpeggios-improvisation exercises. It still sounds really sloppy but I came out whith some cool melodies
This day I added the thirth position to improvise with. At this point I feel that my melodies are getting smoother because I know better were are the arpeggios that I need to play and I change between arpeggios more confidently but my playing is still really sloppy.
There are some tempo issues, but I will work to improve my tempo :)
So my current goal is to really know the major scale(and the modes consecuently). To do that I´m going to learn every single arpeggio within the scale(as PG teach on lessons 50 and 51) and then I´m going to improvise over a backing track and every single time that the chord changes I will try to play one of the notes that build up that chord. The baking track that I chose is in G major and I will improvise over it on every video of this etudes to make easier to compare any kind of improvement. I started whith just one position of the scale and I will add one more position on every video. One last thing I want mention: I am constantly looking at the screen of the laptop because I did´t memoriced the chord of the backing track yet XD
Hi everyone! It has been a while since I don´t do anything here on the school but I´m happy to say that I can finaly focus my whole life in to music so I will be more active around here.