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In this video, I am covering the solo section of afterlife. It was hard to master but I am really proud of my perofrmance.
Hello everyone! So during my musical journey I happen to be into a recording phase and so I wanted to share a bit of what im currently doing to maybe show you things you dont usually see! Hope you enjoy!
Alright so here I am just going over real quick the minor side of the CAGED system! If anybody has any advice or how they like to use those chords, feel free to let me know! Rock on!
Alright well this is a little update of where im at with the CAGED system. I pretty much know it by memory though cant execute it as fluidly as I would want to but thats okay!
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Soooo continuing on where I am at with now the pentatonic scales! Please let me know your personal tricks to work around those and if you have any tips, I am taking any! Hope you enjoy!
Hey everyone! Just introducing myself a little bit and talking about what I've been using the SGS so far! Hopefully this is the beginning of a lot of other videos!