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Back with Lesson 22! I feel pretty confident about the concept of Hammer-ons. It's the Pull-Offs I'm more concerned about. I did my best to figure it out myself. Let me know if I got it right and maybe even some more feedback?
Decided to try to practice Am pentatonic scale from Lesson 20 using the exercises Papa Gates talked about.
I'm returning to lesson 18 today to track my progress! Because a lot of you know I really had a struggle with that palm muting. So using Lesson 18 I'm just using a little exercise with open and palm muting. Definitely think it's improved a lot! Besides when I get nervous and overthink it. LOL!
I started working on this song just before my grandpa passed. It’s a song that has taken on quite a profound meaning to me. I’ve always loved Hizaki since I was younger and never thought I’d even be able to attempt one of his songs, yet here I am trying to learn it today. Dedicating this to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] always watch for a ray of light darling. She’s always been my number one.
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Hey guys! So for this lesson I utilized Papa's breakdown of the C Major scale into the C Major Pentatonic scale to come up with the G Major Pentatonic scale. I also utilized Syn's tip of using the metronome to practice with alternate picking. There are a few tidbits of other lessons in there such as how to get the notes for the chords and the pattern for the major scale, but I was focused on Lesson 20: Overview of the Pentatonic Scale. Hope you enjoy! And pssttt! TW: I'm sorry for the crying..
Just wanted to show it's ok to upload your practice with the lessons. No matter how slow or fast you play it. Just try! It's ok.
Practicing C Maj Scale over Backing Track
Thought you guys would like to see part of my hard work from this week! I figured out a progression while working with @[5:@Jak Angelescu] to understand the Circle of 5ths and she sent me a nice YouTube video to practice playing with. Thank you for your help as always! I truly wouldn’t understand without you and Bill. Lesson 37 is amazing, but I just needed a little extra help and time. And thank you to @[477:@Ids Schiere] and the Synners for helping me with intervals and degrees a while ago too!
Here’s my entry! I’m super nervous as I don’t think I’ll compare to anyone here and I’m a beginner...but I wanted to show I’m learning and promised @[5:@Jak Angelescu] I would. So I’m just here trying! Please be a little nice. So, I’ve been having trouble with the Circle of 5ths, which is Lesson 37 here respectively. I just decided to come up with a cool little jam for the riff contest using my Trio Band Creator Pedal. Syn’s Tips said to try to memorize it. So I worked hard all week to memorize for the Key of C at least. I googled the pattern for a pop rockish riff after Jak helped me with the system for over an hour. It gave me 1st, 6th, 4th, and 5th so the chords I’m using are C, Am, F, and G and are the ones I input into my pedal (you can see me do this at the very beginning of the video). Then I used the C Major scale to just try to jam along because I was in the Key of C. Though the Am scale works too because it’s the relative minor (6th degree) of C! Thanks guys! ❤️
Finally got it!
Finally got Inside Beast flowing all the way through. I was playing with a live version and not just the music video this time! What a wonderful way for me to come back and share my progress with you, loves.
Not sure if this is the right spot for this... But tried to do the C Major Scale with a metronome. I’m a beginner, so I think the speed is only at 100bpm. (I can definitely play it faster, but I’m not used to the metronome still) Google has a free one I’ve been using. Hope I did alright!
Ok, this one might be a little bad...but I got some feedback I totally agreed with when I posted it to the forum 🤣 P.S. I know the whammy and bend weren’t too good, but I tried and got uncomfortable
Couldn’t resist uploading my practice. I never could do arpeggios very well, but I think I did pretty awesome here. This version has a more clean sound so you can hear my hard work nice and clear.
Little practice just for fun; it was inspired by Spring time, I thought “What would Spring sound like if it was a progression?”
Hi guys! I’m back with a full cover of Zacky’s part for Hail to the King! Dedicated to our Mama Cat, Jak. Thank you for always being my number one fan and supporter since day one! ♥ I hope this does you proud!
Inside Beast by The Gazette (Aoi/Rhythm Cover)
Hi guys!~ Decided to share one of the songs I have dreamed of playing for the longest and finally got down very well. I actually tagged the band in this one!
⚰️🍀Rowan/Rayz Hatter🍀⚰️ on Instagram: “Just having fun and running some originals, there’s three in here”
16 Likes, 12 Comments - ⚰️🍀Rowan/Rayz Hatter🍀⚰️ (@rowan_the_little_fire_lily) on Instagram: “Just having fun and running some originals, there’s three in here”
⚰️🍀Rowan/Rayz Hatter🍀⚰️ on Instagram: “Decided to get used to playing live and get over my anxiety and nervousness. So here you go! ☺️”
18 Likes, 3 Comments - ⚰️🍀Rowan/Rayz Hatter🍀⚰️ (@rowan_the_little_fire_lily) on Instagram: “Decided to get used to playing live and get over my anxiety and nervousness. So here you go! ☺️”
I had some people wanting a full cover of this. I hope you guys enjoy! I was pretty nervous. As always, be nice unless being constructive. I won’t put up wit...
I think this is SOOOO IMPORTANT. Please remember to strengthen and work with your pinky. All of my guitar idols use their pinkies and I came up with this little improv/solo type thingy, idk to strengthen it and get used to working with it even more
Decided to make a fun progress video because I’m proud of myself. I figured I have a lot of your support and I really appreciate it. Maybe I can inspire some other beginners to take the leap. Jak and the lessons on this school really really helped me in my progress.
Hi everyone! This is my first time attempting the Pink Panther theme ever and on my birthday, and I hope you enjoy it! It's always been my favorite jazzy tune. P.S. I hope I put this in the right place and hope I can impress you by revisiting this in the future. I spent only a few hours practicing.
I tried using my glass slider for the first time yesterday to try Sasuke’s theme from the anime Naruto Shippuden! I’m leaving this here as something I can look back on once I get better with it in the future. Enjoy! Please excuse the background noise! I’m tumbling gemstones and couldn’t wait!