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I think this is SOOOO IMPORTANT. Please remember to strengthen and work with your pinky. All of my guitar idols use their pinkies and I came up with this little improv/solo type thingy, idk to strengthen it and get used to working with it even more
Decided to make a fun progress video because I’m proud of myself. I figured I have a lot of your support and I really appreciate it. Maybe I can inspire some other beginners to take the leap. Jak and the lessons on this school really really helped me in my progress.
Hi everyone! This is my first time attempting the Pink Panther theme ever and on my birthday, and I hope you enjoy it! It's always been my favorite jazzy tune. P.S. I hope I put this in the right place and hope I can impress you by revisiting this in the future. I spent only a few hours practicing.
I tried using my glass slider for the first time yesterday to try Sasuke’s theme from the anime Naruto Shippuden! I’m leaving this here as something I can look back on once I get better with it in the future. Enjoy! Please excuse the background noise! I’m tumbling gemstones and couldn’t wait!
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Decided to try something cool and new after feeling inspired. Holding the camera in one hand and playing this with the other and my mouth is really complicated. Lol, hope you guys enjoy even though it’s a little sloppy!
Just a cute little original idea I came up with today and decided to spread the happiness with you all. I get tired of doing covers sometimes, so the best medicine is just letting myself come up with whatever I can and sharing it!
Posting this because I love doing this song on acoustic. Ah Leah by Mr. Donnie Iris and one of my dad's favorite songs that I love to practice to warm up all the time. Hope you enjoy!
So, I was participating in Ed's Metal Minutes on Instagram and decided to practice Bat Country for Halloween in costume. Decided to show this to be proud of our mistakes as guitarists. Long story short, my sleeve kept getting stuck on everything! LOL
I originally posted this as a part of Ailee's contest. Please, check it out. I just wanted to try to write something that I wasn't used to. Turned out a bit "grungy"
Hey guys! Just wanted to show what I’ve been trying to work on. Special kudos if you can guess the song I’m trying to cover as a surprise for my grandma. Tried something a little new for me. Hope you enjoy!
Hi, guys! I was revisiting lesson 10 and it gave me the idea for this little piece. I’m calling it “raindrops” because I think it’s really beautiful and reminds me of rain falling on a roof or window.
You guys! I’m so proud of myself!!!!!! My first full rhythm cover playing with a song and entirely played from memory! I also had a migraine and there are a few minor mistakes because I was nervous and feeling so bad, but OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! You do not know how happy I am!!!!!!
I know I’m not the best, but I’m working hard to try to get better. I hope you guys enjoy this. I haven’t played and sung together in a while, but I thought it’s time to again. I’m going to try to post a part of an original in a bit. I hope you guys like what I’m doing and if not, oh well because I
Hey guys! Special thank you to the people I’ve heard back from on my videos like Jak as always and Mr. Adin Shepherd. You guys helped me so much. Here’s a little clip of what I’ve been working on. I’m also going to start playing with the actual songs or try to play them isolated by myself. Here’s th
Decided to work really hard on the intro of Nightmare, the purpose of this is to share with everyone how hard I’ve been working and also to gauge my progress and look back on it once I’m a much better guitarist. I just recently started to work really hard on solos/mini-solos so I’m pretty new to pl
This one is specifically dedicated to Jak. For her continuous support. She is the Syn to my Zacky. Without her, I seriously would not have continued to work as diligently or as quickly as I have. I can't wait to look back at this when I can play it fully.
Had to show off my progress on this song. I really took Jak and Papa Gates's palm muting advice to heart. It was one of the first videos I ever uploaded here.
Hi, guys! It's been a while since my disappearance. During this disappearance, I have been invited to work on a song with someone to scream on the chorus with and for them. All I can say is it will be a bit different and industrial, and I am so excited to share with you when the time comes.
Yay me! I was picked as Jak's Student of the Week and thought I would repost her video from Instagram of my progress. This is my hard work within six months of being here and being active and taking it upon myself to work hard. This video was absolutely crazy for me to see. I can't even believe my
Hi! I’m back with this week’s lesson. Obviously, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to transcribe a song by ear only, so it won’t be perfect but I really did my best. Also, I’m sorry it seems a little rushed, but dad just got home and I had to run. I definitely see a few things to work on.
Hey, guys! No new lesson homework assignment yet! I wanted to switch things up. I wanted to show off what I could do with what I’ve learned from Synyster Gates and Papa Gates so far. Thank you teachers! I really appreciate you and your team creating this site. Your hard work and money has not been w
I just wanted to see if I could spot a difference with and without the metronome for fun. It definitely lets me know I need to work on getting used to the metronome and working with it.
Hello, we are back again this week with a new homework assignment. I hope I understood this correctly. I tried to also implement part of Lesson 11 into one of the silent parts. I'm also not used to working with a metronome, so I hope that isn't too bad. But, here we go anyway. It's not perfect, but
Hey, guys! This lesson is relatively easy. The only advice I have is to not overthink it. I had to catch myself a few times from overthinking it.