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Media added by Sahir Irfan

Putting more effort into practicing solo's along with lessons, so I'm starting with The River! Here's practice from the past two weeks on it. I feel the hammer on's towards the end of the solo is a little outta control still. A little bit more work, but it's getting to a point that feels good to me.
This is me practicing just the arpeggio's for the CAGED system from the lessons! I'm really digging this kind of practicing for myself. Playing things slower has me antsy, but I'm retaining this info better all while learning the fretboard more. Major and Pentatonic scales are feeling close to good, so I'm aiming to be able to play those together later in the week!
I spent the last week practicing and memorizing the C Major scales/triads from Bill Hudson's class. I think the next phase for me is to start moving in and out of different positions while staying with the metronome.
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