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The video and audio together. I tried to find most clutter free wall for background in my house and this is the best spot to record I could find. Aileé let me know if this is good or I need to record again.
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I completely forgot that I made this one. I think I shared this on FB 1 yr ago and since FB likes to remind people about stuff we did 1,2 3 yrs ago, i saw this. I listened to it and felt only 1 thing. I don't make licks/lines like this anymore and feels so different, as if someone else made this. Ended up listening to the whole thing and liking it (felt wierd for liking my own song which i forgot). So felt I should share it
Finally I put some structure into what I make unlike before where I just compiled some riffs and solos and made them a song. With this one, my main goal was to get used to writing something divided into verse,chorus etc AND getting feedback on how it is.
i am actually practicing making pieces and getting used DAWs. Its a small step towards a bigger goal
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