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Media added by Shiiji Gates

Post Millennial Punk Rock(Owner Shiiji Gates)
My project was done this riffs makes me new, its a new punk rock music, mix with old a bit but I really loved it, before I started this genre I'd listen a tons of dookie records of green day, ramones and also gojira🤩and also a7x style, I'll hope this one's sounds cool to u, thank you so much guys!
New Metal

New Metal

I just mixing anything, because it makes it shimerring and awesomeness
愛の最悪[Worst love]
This Metal song is all about my pain and worst love circumstances, I don't have a perfect life😢😭I'll hope you like it😃 the lyrics are short but the language is Japanese, I'm sorry, I'll hope you like it😃🙏🙏
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I test the guitar in every keys,especially the fretboard I test it! And it's sound metal!!