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Been so busy with work and final exams so only had time to record a minijam on my phone lol! Its a simple riff but I like how ominous it sounds. I'm also using my custom abomination of a pedal. I call it the "Doomsday Machine" and I made using an old broken ibanez ts7 and a broken ibanez fz5. The riff uses tritones and minor scales that were covered in I believe lesson 103 or 105 with the harmonic/melodic minor and part of it might have been pentatonic! I promise I won't mod a dam thing if I win this pedal!!!! 👾
Got this awesome schecter a while back, finally got around to fixing the switch so set this thing up to be my doom guitar in C# standard with not even slinky strings (bit harder to hit those pinches it seems). Recorded through hearing aid so sry for shit quality lol
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Just made a new guitar! Double EMGs with passive EMG select in the middle , modded with secret treble bleed config! Next project I'm hoping for a sustainiac ...