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This lick that I developed employs multiple 3-1-3 patterns. I'm not sure how 'musical' it is theory-wise, but I obviously didn't play a pentatonic-based lick, as he stated in the lesson video that the 3-1-3 pattern can be played in non-pentatonic variants.
I also made sure to try and fix any muting issues. From listening to the isolated guitar track of the solo, my interpretation of it is that the ascending sweeps (when I go back down, vertically) are faster than the descending sweeps, which is why I sweep faster when ascending. It's also extremely difficult to time the arpeggios into the sweep, which is why I only played two arpeggios instead of three before the first sweep (I can't spend all day trying to get the perfect take). I also cut out the economy picking section towards the end, because the amp started bugging out. Maybe I can use this as a standard for comparison when I try the solo again later.
Even though I could have done much better with more practice (Although, I spent six or so frustrating hours on it today), this lick isn't easy at all. I'd go as far as to say that at full speed, it's more difficult than the entirety of the Afterlife solo, as advanced economy picking isn't easy at all. Nevertheless, I definitely think that Syn's etudes are making me better.
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