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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been offline for a while but I’ve been getting my band going. This is our first video. Hope you enjoy. Metal From Nashville / TN , Thanks For Watching . SPOTIFY : APPLE MUSIC : htt...
I love a good metal power ballad. Two of my favorite songs of all time are Metallica's Fade to Black and Pantera's Cemetery Gates. This was my attempt to write a song with a similar type of vibe.
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For this song, I was going for a different feel. I think it has an 8/4 feel or something around that, until the end of the song. It has a bit of a Lamb of God vibe.
This is one of the first songs I demoed out. I've since gotten a little better with the over all quality but its one of the tracks I'm most proud of, songwriting wise. The initial idea for the song was to combine a really heavy, thrashy verse riff with an almost punk chorus that had harmonized guita
Recorded this demo in Cubase 8 with Superior Drummer. Wrote this song with the intention of going in and out of the diminished and melodic minor scales but making the chorus have more of a major sound without making the whole thing sound forced. The lead in the beginning of the song gets emulated w