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Media added by Xzavier471

Hey Everyone, so I'm getting better at this solo, I've just still gotta work on my accuracy. The main problem I'm having right now though is that when I play the 2nd string it sounds pretty weird almost like I'm tapping the fret. I think the issue might be that I'm fretting it too hard so it makes it sound like that. But what do you guys think? I'd love some advice on how to correct this. Thanks!
Hey Guys! This a sweeping exercise I've just started working on recently from a guitar youtuber's udemy course. At first it was kinda tricky to play along to a metronome because of how many notes I'm supposed to play in 3/4 but I'm starting to get it down. Let me know what you think!
Posted in the forums awhile ago asking if the arpeggios in the Bat Country solo were sweep picked or alternate picked and a lot of people said it was actually picked so I've been practicing a little everyday and this is what I have so far. The first half is what I can play at a comfortable speed and the second is my attempt at full speed. The second arpeggio is what I need to work on the most for sure.