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5th song on the Centzless release. This one is more a throwback to the earlier sound I've shared on songs I wrote. And because of that, i felt the vibe of the lyrics would have to relate too. Refer to comments for a pic and explanation of the song.

I attach a pic here for two reasons.

Every song on this set have a written layout of the chords I used, and the scales I attempted. The first two albums were written on the spot with no ideas and was merely me learning how to use theory to my advantage in my improv playing. But in a song writing direction this album was the first to really feature theory based ideas. Most were easy to describe using simple chord progressions but up to here they were just me playing over chords in a major scale. This was Aphy. I just looked at the lesson, and I wanted to try it out. So I mapped out the major scale, then I took the notes out and wrote the other scale. You can clearly see MANY misprints in there. Below that, is the entire fretboard mapped out (full step down here). I circled the As. THEN, I made up 2 chords using the triadds from the chord family lesson. I'm not sure what the names of the chords are.. one looks like an Inverted F minor but is really the 1 3 5 of the phy scale. The 2nd is the 2 4 6.

So what you hear through the ENTIRE song, is those 2 chords played cleanly through each speaker. I then put a rhythm straight down the middle which is the power chords of those 2 chords. A and Bflat. At this stage I do not believe I realized Bflat was my Gminor relative and thats why this song works out so well in the end. But at the time I thought I was being very creative. This is basically a 1 2 phy progression.

the intro is just the clean chords and a lead part which is just me going up the phy scale. Right into the verse. This was one of the first songs where I started to see looking back that my vocals were starting to follow the guitar going on in the verse. This happens a LOT in a lot of these songs to be honest. At first I wasn't sure I liked it but its a nice back and forth and sometimes even at the same time. Almost like a dual. After the verse we get right into the chorus which is my favourite part of the song. All I'm doing is playing octaves and arpeggios of the scales. The bass guitar is playing two strings at once which is what makes it so heavy sounding. Rick beato says it best.. Make the bass play chords if you really want a banging sound.

2nd verse is pretty much the same as the first. The guitar does something a little different. The chorus is pretty much the same as the first. The 3rd verse is really just a solo. Like I mentioned before bflat being the relative major to gminor I was able to improv no issue over this part. I didn't have to really have to change too much. Song ends with the chorus and pretty much ends the same way it starts.

In the end the song is probably one of the weaker songs of the set but was one I wanted to finish anyways because of the sound it had. I felt it was again a little bluesy and that seemed to be the vibe going into the lessons at the time. PG then released the blues series which was 100% unexpected and the songs that came from that are just unbelievable. Cant thank him enough for that.

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