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    Comment by 'Adin Shepherd' in media 'Pearl Jam - Black (day 1) #SynnerSundays'

    Great song! While I play it in a different position, I think the basic pattern should apply, I use a D, D, DU, UD, DUDU, repeated with a few subtle variations here and there. If time permits tomorrow I will throw together a quick video. Also, I believe the second chord you are playing should be...
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    Is rock and metal guitar a men’s world?

    Great discussion point! The metal guitar scene certainly appears to be male dominated, but not exclusive, and I hope we see more female musicians break through in the future. Growing up as a young metal head I was floored when I found out Jo Bench (bassist of Bolt Thrower) was female, it was...
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    Help a first timer for buying an Amp

    Boss Katana makes for a great first amp, they are affordable, loud (and quiet when you need them to be) and come with bunch of effects out of the box so you don't have to worry about buying pedals right away!
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    BOSS Katana Patches

    Link to all of Juca Nery's free Katana patches, 30+ (Google Drive).
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    BOSS Katana Patches

    A couple of new patches, I will add a couple more when my guitar comes back from a long overdue service. Both MkI and MkII compatible. Acoustic patch, for those mellow moments. My new fave high gain patch, based off a JCM800 patch I found, I dialled back the gain and cut the bass a...
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    Comment by 'Adin Shepherd' in media 'Going to California transition at 100 bpm.'

    That is coming along nicely, great work. If I can offer one piece of advice, where possible try and use your thumb on the E,A and D strings and your index, middle and ring fingers on the G,B and e strings respectively. I notice when you switch to the second chord your thumb is having to jump...
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    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    Perhaps we need a Riff Challenge Re-reloaded thread? Or possibly resurrect the previous one......
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    To minimize the spread of the infection

    Good for them, it's been a while since they went #1!
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    Majority Rules

    It's down to whatever works for you at the time, currently my pick size is yellow. I bought a mixed pack of Dunlop Jazz picks and am using the clear yellow Ultex one, no idea of size.
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    What Do YOU Want to See on the SGS

    Create a thread for it, I did for the Boss Katana (admittedly, I have let it gather dust lately, must update it with a few new patches).
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    Guitar-Related Member Upgrades

    Perhaps a monthly FAQ? First week of the month Legendary members submit their guitar related questions and at the end of the month Syn and/or Papa put up a video answering a selection of the questions? Maybe video lessons that dig a little deeper into some of the free theory and technique...
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    Guitar-Related Member Upgrades

    Johnny Christ was one of the lamest Mortal Kombat characters, I prefered Sub Zero.
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    Making the Site More of a "Guitar Site"

    Sorry, I couldn't help it after my comment in the other thread, it was just to easy.
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    Making the Site More of a "Guitar Site"

    There's a 'you are what you eat' joke here Dom 🤣
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    Guitar-Related Member Upgrades

    I always found you to be a bit of a dick 🤣