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    Little game

    A: A Little Piece of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold B: Blackbird- Alter Bridge C: CHVRCH BVRNER- Periphery D: Down With The Sickness- Disturbed E: Epic- Faith No More F: Flying Whales- Gojira G: G.O.A.T.- Polyphia H: Holy Diver- Dio I: I'm Broken- Pantera J: Judith- A Perfect Circle K: Killing In The...
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    FRIZZLE FRY by Primus

    Im a bit late to the AOTM but i just gave this my first listen. I had already heard too many puppies and John the Fisherman (thanks guitar hero), and those are amazing songs. My dad really likes Primus so chances are i've probably heard this album as a kid multiple times, which is why i think...
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    Pro tools installing third party amp sims

    @Ed Seith I was wondering if Adobe Audition is an option for recording guitar? I ask because I have to have Adobe creative for school anyway so I already have audition at my disposal including with the package that I use for school.
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    Pro tools installing third party amp sims

    Ok thanks for the info, I will most likely just switch to Reaper DAW that way I can cut out the extra step Im still new enough to both that it won't matter much to switch at this point the only reason I used Pro Tools is because my audio interface came with the license for it so I thought it'd...
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    Pro tools installing third party amp sims

    So I got my Focusrite Scarlett Solo for Christmas and i've just about got everything set up right, now im just trying to figure out how to get my amp sims to pull up in the pro tools software. Pro Tools First on Windows 64-Bit is the specific version im using and the amp sims i downloaded are...
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    Audio Interface for playing/recording at home.

    Hey everyone just had a question about an audio interface I am looking at for christmas this year. I was looking to get the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, Here is a link for reference: (I dont believe the link posts but a quick amazon search will find what im looking at) I was just...
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    Hyperspeed downpicking?!

    So i'm learning the intro riff to Another Heart by Tremonti and it has some insanely fast downpicking, like near master of puppets level for sure, and also a weird beat that makes it considerably harder. I managed to get the beat down and I can play the riff comfortably at about 80 BPM, the song...
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    🎃 SYNNER Halloween Playlist 🎃

    unfortunately probably every app on your phone has some kind of access to your mic lol. It may be some kind of voice command thing that spotify has I use it mostly on a computer so idk.
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    🎃 SYNNER Halloween Playlist 🎃

    Just added a few songs from that Ice Nine Kills album I think yall will enjoy. :)
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    Covid blues

    HAHA, "lockdown is shit". love it haha. nice spooky vibe on the vocals i think too lol.
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    DISCO VOLANTE by Mr. Bungle

    100% can understand this perspective. If this is your first bungle album then I would highly recommend listening to either California, or self titled album. California is probably the most tamed out of the two but self title has a lot more "metal" qualities I would say. Disco Volante is very...
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    Guitar names?

    My Schecter Omen Extreme 6 FR in red I recently named "Igni". This is named after the video game/book/Netflix series: The Witcher. (For those unfamiliar Igni is basically a fire spell). One of my favorite book series, so i just had to name it that. Im considering naming my blue guitar Aard, also...
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    The one big question (answer pls)

    Similar to a lot of students i would imagine, I joined in the beginning mainly because of the idea of it being a guitar school orchestrated by one of my favorite guitarists. I was a member since pretty much day one, although albeit not a very active member haha, and immediately the community of...
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    🎃 SYNNER Halloween Playlist 🎃

    Rob Zombie is another good artist for Halloween themes. Saw them in concert with Disturbed in Atlanta in 2016 I believe, great show from both bands as expected.
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    🎃 SYNNER Halloween Playlist 🎃

    Love this album just found out about it this year been listening on repeat haha.