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  1. Andy Schultz

    Intermediate Practicing the modes of C major scale

    Here's a way to practice the modes using the C major scale. Ascending scale pattern stopping at the 3rd, the 5th, and then play through the full scale. I find this is an easy to help learn the sound of the different modes.
  2. Andy Schultz

    How long have you been playing?

    Yes! This! I've been playing for 25 years, and I've only been learning theory recently. It wasn't until I got a keyboard that it made more sense to me. I'll admit that I never put the dedication to learning theory as I did to learn guitar (bit of a regret). Life seems to get in the way of the...
  3. Sunday With Ola Riff Challenge #30

    Sunday With Ola Riff Challenge #30

    The guitar sound for this track is my Marshall JCM 800 direct out from the FX loop with a Celestion G12-80 loaded cab IR.
  4. Andy Schultz

    Soundtracks that influenced you!

    Well, I'll start with The Wall by Pink Floyd. Tim Burton's Batman. Danny Elfman and Prince, how could you go wrong, lol. Singles. I was big into grunge in the 90's Glory Daze. Great soundtrack with original music by The Vandals. Phantom of the Opera Jurassic Park
  5. Recording solos for an original song.

    Recording solos for an original song.

    Recording Guitar solos with my custom finished Marvel Comics Electra Omega. Check out my Instagram page for pics of that guitar mod. https://www.instagram.co...
  6. Andy Schultz

    Favourite song and album from a7x?

    For me now I'd say The Stage is my fav album, with City of Evil being a close second. Paradigm is my current favorite song. Syn's solo on that song is awesome! Also that shuffle groove Brooks plays, not to mention the lyrics. "I'm clawing my skin but I can't feel it inside. I know the agony of...
  7. Andy Schultz - Black Mourning

    Andy Schultz - Black Mourning

    All music written, recorded, and produced by Andy Schultz in 2019-2020. Guitars were all played on a Legator Ninja through a Line6 Helix. The bass is a Hohne...
  8. Andy Schultz

    Electrical/Wiring help if anyone needs

    You could just bypass all the pots by clipping a wire from the pickup output (where it connects to the pot, or switch. Whichever is first) to the output jack and see if it sounds right. If it does, you know it's not the pickups. Leave the connection on the output jack, and move the other end of...
  9. Andy Schultz

    Comment by 'Andy Schultz' in media 'Black Mourning - Andy Schultz'

    Thanj you. Well, you're sure right about the bass being lost in the mix, lol. I plan on re-recording the bass soon. Hoping to get a better tone from the start that will cut through the mix without taking over.
  10. Black Mourning - Andy Schultz

    Black Mourning - Andy Schultz

    This song is a work in progress. All original written and played by me. The last solo has a descending pentatonic lick inspired by Syn's Etude lesson. I never thought to play a 3-1-3 notes per string pattern before.
  11. Andy Schultz

    Double tracking and timing issues

    Metronome Metronome Metronome for sure. The next think to think about is to breathe. Breathe naturally while playing to a metronome. It's important to keep relaxed while playing, it'll help with the feel. Also be sure to tap your foot, or bob your head with the beat. Get your body in the...
  12. Andy Schultz


    Yes, it's a delay with a single repeat at about 390 milliseconds. Hammer on all the notes with the volume knob swells. There's plenty of videos of Eddie playing it live.
  13. Andy Schultz

    Any Helix users here?

    Wow, there seems to be no love for the Helix in here, lol. I love mine. I really like the Line6 Elektrik, the Engl Fireball, and Revv Red channel. I also like the Fender verb and jazz chorus for cleans. I use IR's for my cabs, and that really takes it to the next level.