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  1. Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen (Live Cover)

    Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen (Live Cover)

    Hey guys! I am playing solos and lead guitar on this event. Here are the things that I realized. -Even holding a guitar when you are standing is a whole different thing.I did not expect it to be hard. -Playing with other musicians helped me a lot. Even to be in rehearsals is something else...
  2. Avenged Sevenfold - Sidewinder (Guitar Cover)

    Avenged Sevenfold - Sidewinder (Guitar Cover)

    It was a cover that I made years ago,hope you like it community.
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    Ids – I think I got what you mean with scooped mids,I’ll keep that in my mind thank you by the way! Also correct, it would be better if I dig in my vibrato an I can upload a video of progress if I find the time.I’ve been busy in school lately. Guys I wrote a song by myself.I found a bass and...
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    Thanks @Aileé for motivating words.Yes school is a great resource.Last year i was only studying on lessons in this site,not uploading anything.(I think i stopped looking when i was in middle of intermediate lessons).I got some useful,permanent things in my guitar playing toolbox.CAGED system...
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    Hey folks,i have some issues about uploading riffs.So i have some A7X Covers,here’s Trashed and Scattered Cover,Beast and the Harlot Cover .Hope you guys like it 🙂 I have so many issues that stuck there for years about my playing(for example sweeps,alternate picking when it’s that fast and that...
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    Same here man.I can’t upload my riffs,follow people.Can’t verify my account.When i try to connect my google account i only get a blank page.I can only hope they fix this bug soon.Admynysters do not give any response.I saw that some people wrote about this bug much earlier but it’s been months.
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    Sidewinder Guitar Cover By Me

    Thank you guys for motivating responses!! @Ed I made up the solo starting about 4:42 it was an improvisation,i think in D minor scale,didn’t get so far from the direction of song,i like the idea of adding some of our own playing when it comes to covering songs,it’s best when someone appreciates...
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    Sidewinder Guitar Cover By Me

    Hey guys!I can’t connect my google account and i am unable to put my videos to my profile.Just found that forum is active.Here’s my Sidewinder Cover.I added some improvisation solo stuff before the acoustic solo at the end.And played it all on electric guitar.I hope you like it! 🙂