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    Time to say hi...

    I’m an ER nurse myself so feel you on that. At least you treated yourself! Welcome!
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    Comment by 'ashley willis' in media 'Hail To The King Solo'

    Awesome! I’ve been working on that one too and just posted my video the other day. Definitely not an easy one to play! Keep at it!
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    Comment by 'ashley willis' in media '1 week of learning Hail to the King solo.'

    The hardest part for me is putting everything together. I can play each section of the solo itself better than I can when I put it all together. I’m not as fluid and make more mistakes and my bends and vibrato suffer from it. Just have to keep practicing!
  4. 1 week of learning Hail to the King solo.

    1 week of learning Hail to the King solo.

    A damn hard one. Started working on it 1 week ago. First Syn solo I’ve tried. Still a loooong way to go but I have the gist of it anyway. (Idk why I always pick the hardest things to learn 😂🤷🏼‍♂️)
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    How to make strings feel "slinkier"?

    Ernie Ball Hybrid 9-46 would be close to what you might want. You can also use the set of 9s and leave the heavier 52 on the low E string, although that would have some uneven tension on the guitar neck.
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Learning the Hail to the King solo has me listening to some gypsy jazz, Jimmy Rosenberg specifically. Never listened to any of it before and really appreciate the guitar playing in it.
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    Belated congratulations!
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    Newbie needs help with strings!!!!

    I’ve experimented with all sorts of brands and gauges and for standard tuning, I prefer a lighter gauge like 9-42 or 9-46. 10-46 on my Les Paul. I also prefer a coated string like Elixirs because they last longer and don’t corrode as easy, but they are more expensive. Find what you like and...
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    Comment by 'ashley willis' in media 'Hot Mess HTTK practice !'

    Shows you don’t have to have super expensive gear to have a good tone. Alicia is using an older Blackstar HT20 that I changed tubes, speaker and rebiased. And she’s not using any pedals at all.
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    Help guyssss , im stuck.......

    This is how I learn solos. I break up the solo into manageable parts and just practice the first part over and over until I’m comfortable with it. It may not be up to speed but I feel comfortable with the notes and techniques. Then I learn the next part and so on. Then I will put it all together...
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    Custom guitar picks? :)

    I’d love to have a stage/studio used pick to add to my collection.
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    String tension and playing fast

    That’s what I was thinking. I’ve used just about every gauge out there and prefer smaller gauges but like a decent amount of tension.
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    String tension and playing fast

    I normally do. I had the guitar set up for standard and it’s a Floyd rose so didn’t wanna do too much to it and have to mess with it but if I leave it down I’ll have to.
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    String tension and playing fast

    This is one for @Ed Seith. My EVH has 9-42 strings now and I tuned down 1/2 step, and of course there’s more slack in the strings which I normally like. But trying to play certain things, like a fast pedal point lick, I feel like my pick gets “stuck” trying to go across the strings due to the...
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    Dear Alicia...

    Yes she is! That’s why I married her! 😂🥰