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    Getting It Off My Chest

    Sending well wishes your way. It’s an honor and a blessing every time you drop into the school. :rock-hand:
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    Music with duet lines

    B L A S P H E M Y ! ! ! ...TAKE HIS FUCKING HEAD!!! :explode-skull::rock-hand:
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    Intermediate What gives modes their unique sound?

    Thank you for taking the time to make a video on this, it really cleared up the differences between modes and how to use them. As a side note, you accent is beautiful and I hope you make more videos in the future ;) :pink-heart:
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    Comment by 'Autumn' in media '"Dawn" - Demo Feb21'

    FUCK YESSS!! If the rest of the song is anything like this, it’s going to turn out AMAZING!! Keep at it! 💪 :rock-hand:
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    Synner hangout

    FUCK YES!! I don’t care what we do, I’ll be there. 🤩 :rock-hand::explode-skull:
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    Intermediate What gives modes their unique sound?

    I am aware of the differences of the modes relative to their major (eg. Lydian = 1 2 3 #4 5 6 7, etc), but how do I make something sound uniquely like a certain mode? For example, how to I make D Dorian sound like D Dorian and not like a higher version of C major? Or if I’m in the key of D...
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    Take a break, have a meme

    I feel personally attacked by this one...
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    String Gauge

    The skinny top heavy bottom strings are 10-52, so it seems like a good middle ground between the sets of strings that you’ve tried. If you absolutely hate bending on them, head to your local guitar store and they can sell you individual strings. Check the individual gauges on the strings that...
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    RiffChallenge Reloaded

    BET!! 💪😈 working on it... ;)
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    String Gauge

    It depends what you do in drop C. If you’re mostly riffing on the lower 3 strings, then go for the 11’s. If you want it extra heavy, you can even buy a set made for 7 strings and use the lower 6. If you’re doing quite a bit of soloing or licks on the higher strings, it may be in your best...
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    Voice leading

    Thank you so much for this visual representation, it made voice leading finally make sense to me! I’m curious to know, how do you decide how to voice lead on chords that have 4 or 5 notes in them? I’ve noticed that with some of those chords (9ths, 11ths, #13s) a note is dropped when played on...
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    RiffChallenge Reloaded

    SOMEONE NOMINATE ME PLEASE!! I am an intermediate player, what are some songs or parts of songs that can challenge me and push my abilities?
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    Some personal stuff I'd like to share

    Stay strong! Wishing you a speedy recovery, mental health is a mean bitch... 💪👑
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    That guitar is GORGEOUS!! I hope you have lots of fun playing it!
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    Our 1st Music Production Class!

    Will there ever be another class? I’m fascinated with music production and would love to learn from somebody that is well-versed in the subject. Alternatively, will the class be recorded so others can watch it and get something out of it? In the meantime, does anybody know of any good...