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    After 8 days without even touching my guitar because my neck was hurting, I'm back to practicing...

    After 8 days without even touching my guitar because my neck was hurting, I'm back to practicing 🙌🏼 let's hope I don't need to stop for this reason again 😒
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    Congrats Millie! 🥰🎉
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    This has been bothering me

    Wow I can relate so much to this 😳 Sounding The Seventh Trumpeth is my least favorite A7X record (but I like some songs on it like Warmness On The Soul and Streets), I guess I would enjoy listening to an instrumental version of it because it has some really cool riffs, but I don't really like...
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    Some Life Advice - Be Proud Of Yourself

    So I can't imagine how hard it is to get rid of an addiction, so know that I'm SO proud of you not only for your progress, but also for having the strength to share this with us 🖤
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    Coming Soon: LIVE STREAMING

    Wow, it already looks so cool 🤩👏🏼 Can't wait to see this new feature 👀
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    Webinar with Syn & PG

    Thank YOU for this amazing opportunity and for creating this wonderful community :pink-heart: we truly appreciate all the hard work from the whole SGS team for us :rock-hand: Cheers!
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    Take a break, have a meme

    YEAH 😹😹😹 I was EXACTLY like this today 🤣
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    Hi Guys!

    Welcome to the family Giuse! 🤘🏼💫
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    LMAO I've clicked this out of curiosity and discovered that I've already heard this song before and I didn't even know about it, I don't even remember where I heard it 😹😹😹
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    Favourite Guitar Technique to Use

    I love doing slides 😹😹 also I'm still learning vibratos, but I'm already having fun trying to do them 👀
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    New A7X song excerpt!!!

    THIS IS SO RAD! The beggining kinda reminds me of Creating God, then there's that pause and everything what comes after left me speechless 🙀 the guitar (not only the lead but also the rhythm), the drums, the bass, everything is just so 🔥🔥 it's going to be a hell of an album for sure! 😻 But I...
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    THE ROYAL SCAM by Steely Dan

    I just realized that our top 3 is EXACTLY THE SAME :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: once a twin, forever a twin 👯‍♀️ but I have to say I'm surprised because our musical tastes are usually VERY different 🤔
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    THE ROYAL SCAM by Steely Dan

    😹😹😹😹 I had the same reaction when you started talking about hi-hats variations 🧐❓
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    THE ROYAL SCAM by Steely Dan

    So nice of you to include translations for non-drummers between parenthesis here because I honestly had no clue what you were talking about :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: