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  1. beatrix

    i’m legend again 😎😎

    i’m legend again 😎😎
  2. beatrix

    Hiya, I’m a new member!

    Hy Brian!!🤘🏼😍🤘🏼
  3. beatrix

    Syn Stream On May 5th (Legends Only)

  4. beatrix


    Happy Easter to you all dear #SYNNERS, have a magic day and please stay safe!! a special wish goes to @Brian Haner Sr. and @Syn Gates and to all their family!! love you ❤️🐣💫
  5. beatrix

    GROOVE FAMILY CYCO by Infectious Grooves

  6. beatrix

    GROOVE FAMILY CYCO by Infectious Grooves

    AAAAAA thank you so much.🥺❤️ you’re sweetheart, really <3 your words always mean a lot to me❤️❤😭 you’re the best
  7. beatrix

    GROOVE FAMILY CYCO by Infectious Grooves

    OKAY!! LET’S START!! first song: violent and funky immediately loved it, from the start. that drum beat has blown my mind seriously 🤯🤯🤯✨ the chorus is just WOW, the singer has a great voice. TRULY. second song: boom boom boom can we talk about the guitar riff at the intro???? probably this one...
  8. beatrix

    GROOVE FAMILY CYCO by Infectious Grooves

    ready to listen to it Syn❤️💀 NOW!!! and i’ll leave my thoughts in some time ♡︎♡︎
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    I’M FUCKING BACK!!!♥️✨😍

    I’M FUCKING BACK!!!♥️✨😍
  10. beatrix

    Comment by 'beatrix' in media 'Two Pentatonic Exercises 💫 Do you know others I could add?'

    sei la persona della quale sono più orgogliosa ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i’m much too proud of you love <3
  11. beatrix

    Happy Birthday Alicia!🎂🎉🍻

    happy BD @Alicia Willis and @Jak Angelescu I MISS YOU!!!❤️😭
  12. beatrix

    What’s your BIGGEST dream with music?

    ❤️❤️❤️loved this, great Ed!!
  13. beatrix

    What are you currently listening to?

    girls girls girls, MC 🤟✨
  14. beatrix

    Getting It Off My Chest

    my god Jak. i am deeply sorry to hear this. hope things get better for you. i’m here, i support you and i miss you. love. ❤️😔
  15. beatrix


    Thank you so so much Syn for this new recommendation, can’t truly wait to listen to it. love these AOTMs, they’re helping a lot of us to know more. gonna leave a feedback when i hear to it. you’re precious, thanks!💖