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    What Do YOU Want to See on the SGS

    They can still post and I feel the attention on threads have to do with the content not the creator.
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    Lesson tutorial ideas?

    What kinda videos on technique/practice methods/exercises/ect....would be helpful to anyone out there? I often get asked to do one on economy picking and I know people liked my sweep picking one. Perhaps on ways to practice Syns etudes sweep picking I as I saw somebody's post struggling with...
  3. Economy picking I

    Economy picking I

    I'm back.
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    Sweep Picking I

    Oh ok I gotcha. So the triplets, eighth notes and so forth... What do you struggle most with? Presumably the transitions from lower frets to higher frets like in the last time through (4th)
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    Sweep Picking I

    Wdym by 3rd exercise and 4th?
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    Comment by 'Ben Grosskreuz' in media 'Dabbling in 'Shepherd of Fire''

    Good job broski! Tip: When you bend try and use all your fingers on the string and use the strength of your WRIST to bend the string rather than your fingers....your fingers will tire quite quickly if you use them to bend rather than using your wrist!
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    Sweep Picking I

    How do you practice it? There are multiple strategies to use for efficiently learning these without burning yourself out too quickly.
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    Sweep Picking I

    Hey, You use your pinky for the 16th fret I'm understanding but then index for 12th fret E string and middle finger for 12th fret B string? It doesn't make sense that your hand would move MORE when you use index & middle finger as opposed to just your index. Do you have a video or something?
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    Some Thoughts I'd Like To Share

    Sounds like I've missed a lot of stuff during the last 6+ months as I've been MIA... I've personally never understood why people would rip on others, especially people who are looking for tips and help.... I'm always honored and flattered if somebody (normally outside of SGS) asked how I...
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    Picking issues

    Video of you playing?
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    How to download backing track from Syn's Etudes?

    Message me broski, I know how to do everything you're trynna do and would be happy to help a fellow synner out!
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    Comment by 'Ben Grosskreuz' in media 'How to play the outro of "Higher"'

    Thanks a lot my took a while to get it and I'm still debating how I can make it better!
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    Syn's Etudes Backing Track mp3s

    Hmmm I'm not sure why they would be upset about it but I do get your point. Alright, I'll keep them to myself hahaha