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    Fractal Users & Ideas / Favorites

    Hey all! Not sure if this is currently being done under another thread, but I know we all have a significant appreciation for our tone. I have noticed a good deal of Syn fans on Youtube, IG, etc. using Fractal Audio products that have created some killer tones. I myself have an ax8 and like to...
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    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

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    Melody & Motif - Lesson 2

    Maybe so, but I know he got his axe fx III I believe around the same time, he has a video where he talks about how nice it was to dial in the presets and paramaters and also there are a couple of what appears to be FXII's in the background so id be inclined to believe he used Fractal
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    Melody & Motif - Lesson 2

    Hey Syn! Quick question for fractal users, what amp model did you use while recording 'The Stage' i use a 5153 100w Red channel for most of my tones on the other albums but i have the stage cab pack and was wondering if you used a different amp model!