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    Hi guys! I’m Jamie slays UK

    Welcome, Jamie!
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    Ha! How great is that?!!! Keep going!

    Ha! How great is that?!!! Keep going!
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    Hearing rhythms?

    I don't know if it's out there - but if you can find the track minus the vocals, that helps a lot. Vocals take up so much real estate it's hard to focus on anything else. Even try and find a well-made Karaoke track. If they did their homework, the parts should be close.
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    Ampless Rig - What's the best option?

    Obviously, I'm an Axe FX guy. I have a Kemper as well, but to me there is no comparison. I am not endorsed. I use what I like. I love the AX8, but it's been discontinued. The FM3 is the new floor model and I've heard great things about it - though I have not tried one yet. They are both pricey...
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    Welcome, Leo!

    Welcome, Leo!
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome, Mason!
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    Comment by 'Brian Haner Sr.' in media 'rhytm 3 students collab new take'

    YES!!! 100% better! Did you feel it? You let the drums lead you - not the other way around. So much more in the pocket. Love it!!!
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    Hello New Family!

    Welcome, Aaron!
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    Guitar theory

    You've come to the right place!
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    Comment by 'Brian Haner Sr.' in media 'My first attempt at sweep picking for the Syn Gates school'

    Good start. Sweeping is a pretty advanced technique. It's hard for really good guitar players who have never tried it. Keep working on ALL your basic techniques. Sweeping will come to you in time. Keep working!!!
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    New user here!

    Welcome, Tristen!
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    Comment by 'Brian Haner Sr.' in media 'blues rhythm 3 SGS collab'

    Love it! A tiny bit rushed. Play it again and listen to the snare drum (the 2 & 4 backbeat). That will help you slow it down and get it in the pocket. You're doing great!!!
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Melodic minor modes question

    It pretty much applies to all scales. The more ways you can see them, the better. Take the major modes. It's important to know that a D dorian scale has a b3, and a b7 - BUT - once you know that, it's also important to "see" it's also a C major scale starting on the 2nd note. The more ways you...