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I was not going to submit to this contest until I realized how much it is parallel to what I've started doing with the beato book I recently purchased it. Since the two are related I have added the video here as a submission. Its longer then planned.. but I do all 7 chords. You don't have to follow them all. It starts off sluggish with the open notes on bflat but it gets better. Next week I plan to make a simple chord progression using the chords. If you want to suggest a progression for me to play over that'll be helpful. I could pick it myself.. but its more challenging if you pick it for me. I'll do the video of finding the scales I need with the chords from the progression. Then ill record it and solo over it and add that too. Thats basically my plans going forward. But for now.. you can watch me play the chords in the family. Big tip.. I am a FULL STEP down. Pg teaches you these same chords in c major standard tuning. (I'm step down g minor/bflat major)
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