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    Here am I

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    hi I'm new here

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    I'm new!

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    What are you currently listening to?

    New Within Temptation song
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    Share your Favorite A7X Lyric(s)!

    All of IWSYT part 1 ".... Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood All the ones around me I cared for and most of all I loved But I can't see myself that way, please don't forget me Or cry while I'm away Cry alone, I've gone away No more nights, no more pain I've gone alone, took all my strength But...
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    🎁Holiday Gifting For Our Beloved Teachers!🎁

    Thanks for the reminder, completely forgot about it :sleep:
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    The Result

    That looks great Dominik!!
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    How many until you start to mess up?

    I rarely drink, but when I drink (a beer or 2) and play is actually cool, because I cant really play but I have fun with it xD
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    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    This is awesome!! Lets see what I come up with!! Good luck everyone!
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    The Dark Night Guitar 🌘

    Such a beautiful guitar!! Cant really say I would bought another Syn guitar since I have my Custom S, but I love the playability of this guitars, never really tried one that liked to play as much as mine!
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    Bonjour à tout le monde !

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    Hello my fellow musicians

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    A proper introduction

    Hey Alex "welcome", and thanks for the really interesting threads man!! What about the story about being kicked out of backstage twice??? xD Im guilty that I just listened to the song with McKenna, I had some Breaking Benjamin (wich I love) vibes at the time if I remember well! Need to give a...
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