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    Another alphabet game

    I find this one much easier than the other one with songs 😅:ROFLMAO:. To make it a bit more fun, I'm sticking to my favorite decade, the 80s: Autograph - All I'm gonna take Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine Cinderella - Shake Me David Hasselhoff - Looking For Freedom Europe - Rock the Night Foreigner -...
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    Intermediate What gives modes their unique sound?

    The way I think about it, when you play in D Dorian (write a chord progression in D Dorian, improvise a solo over that), you need to think that your Key is D minor, NOT C Major!!! You are in D Minor, Dm is your home chord... BUT you are using the collection of notes, that makes up C major. So...
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    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Progress on permutations + alternate picking'

    Super clean, more than twice the speed and alternate picking, that is some serious progress! Awesome job!!!
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    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Return to SGS Lesson 18: Palm Muting!'

    Great stuff, that is some solid muting right there!
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    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Economy picking I'

    Thats kickass, very clean!
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    Looks gorgeous, congrats!!
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    Some personal stuff I'd like to share

    Thanks for being open about this. I wish you all the best help you can get to work through this!!
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    Little game

    Iron Maiden - Alexander The Great Bloodbath - Bathe In Blood Pantera - Cowboys From Hell Van Halen - Dreams Tankard - Empty Tankard Midnight - Fucking Speed And Darkness Crashdiet - Generation Wild Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love Rock n Roll Judas Priest...
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    What Ed did

    For me, Mötley Crüe = everything up to Dr. Feelgood, and I love it all! Saints of LA was also okay, couple of awesome songs on that. Don't care for any Corabi stuff. Band I Hate: Let's just go with Limp Bizkit Band I think Is Overrated: Sabaton Band/Artist I think is under appreciated...
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    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Ugh, Chords'

    I agree, learning on a nylon will probably be harder. That being said, the 3rd in your Em and E chords is ringing out now, which is great!! Keep it up!
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    The Seven Positions of a Major Scale – Third Position – Lesson 54

    Awesome, keep it up! (y) I would suggest, before you start with more fancy ways to get through the scale, practice it to a metronome, at whatever speed is comfortable. Do that for all the exercises, simple up/down, string skipping, etc...
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    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    Love the idea, would totally participate!
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    Majority Rules

    I like Dunlop Jazz IIIs, the standard red and black ones. 1.38mm and small and stiff, that's all the features I need in a pick. Never tried the fancy variations of Jazz III's.
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    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Knocking on heavens door solos... WORK IN PROGRESS'

    I love that you are mentioning this! I started looking deeper into better vibrato just earlier this week after watching the Kiko Louriero livestreams about it. I'm probably gonna start doing dry vibrato exercises, just the same as with any other technique, because at this point my old way is so...
  15. Knocking on heavens door solos... WORK IN PROGRESS

    Knocking on heavens door solos... WORK IN PROGRESS

    It's time I put a little update on my work in progress with this song... The second solo is brutal, will take a lot more time until I can play it with the backing track. Also, I learned 90% of it by ear, so there are some parts where it is not completely exact yet, haha. Turns out, my...