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    The guitar phenom you've never heard of....

    Well probably not, but this guy is kind of a legend among the initiated. Check this ridiculous pentatonic sweeping lick out from none other than the incredible Marshall Harrison. This dude streams live all the time on youtube, and his music knowledge runs DEEP. Amazing!
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    Synyster Gates Ideal Amp Settings

    For real though, if anyone wants a Syn Axe FX II preset, I think I have a phenomenal one saved somewhere on my hard drive. For a while, it was the ONLY preset I was using for distorted tones.
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    Synyster Gates Ideal Amp Settings

    Everything on 11.
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    Afterlife and Mia

    Thanks, yeah I just downloaded the best sounding tab and changed the solo. The the only thing I remember tabbing on that was the 2 solos in the middle. I did not do the ending clean solo. As far as the part I did do though, I'm pretty positive it is 100% accurate. I compared it to that video...
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    Afterlife and Mia

    MIA is definitely more difficult. I've been a pretty avid fan of the band since 2003 and learned all of Syn's hardest solos and MIA is the only one I've never been able to consistently nail. MIA is difficult because it requires A LOT of pick hand agility, like he's always changing directions...
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    Technical issues...

    Here's a pro tip video for you on tuning a floyd rose: Also as far as the the order of strings to tune on ANY guitar but also especially on tremolo equipped guitars, there are a lot of theories on this but I believe you should always tune from the string with the highest tension to the string...
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    Syn's pick type?

    I had the same struggle for a while. I used 2.0 gators for a long time because I liked the stiffness and dark tone they give, but then I proceeded down the rabbit hole of pick materials, shapes, etc and it's gotten easier to change picks and feel comfortable. I think it's the minute change in...
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    As for the Blackstar, you could retube that thing so cheap and even improve the tone substantially. It would only be like $70 after shipping. As for the speaker, if you're set on just replacing the speaker, Celestion Vintage 30's really are the quintessential rock guitar speaker. They just...
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    So is it making this noise with no cable or guitar plugged in at all?
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    Fun Altered Chord Hack for ii V I

    Dope lesson! I like this. A lot of time can be spent(and should be spent) exploring movements involving tritones and how the function with dominant V's. This one is new to me, so thank you!
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    Which Blackstar model do you guys have?
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    This sounds like it's an issue with the electrical circuit that your amp is plugged into, but that's my guess with very limited knowledge. When you have any kind of gear issue and you don't know where the problem is coming from, the best and really only way to figure it out is to go through...
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    This has nothing to do with your question and the reason you posted, but if you're going to re-tube your Blackstar, go check out this website and feel free to call the guy that runs it. JJ Tubes are PHENOMENAL and the guy running the site is obsessed with tubes and tube tone, he's super nice and...
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    Comment by 'Christopher Lonski' in media 'Adrian Smith The Trooper solo'

    Hey dude! Good question. This is a simple lick but it made me stop and analyze my technique a little bit, and I'm glad I did! Personally, I think the most efficient way to play this is strict alternate picking. The weird thing about this is that you're playing in 3's, so every other bend on the...
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    Which tuner to trust ?

    I agree with Ed that, ultimately, you should let your ear decide- regardless of whether your ear is developed or not. The big lesson there is to start trusting your ear and not doubt yourself so much. The accuracy will come with time. Also, trust this tuner----> https://www.turbo-tuner.com/...