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    Comment by 'Christopher Lonski' in media 'Adrian Smith The Trooper solo'

    Hey dude! Good question. This is a simple lick but it made me stop and analyze my technique a little bit, and I'm glad I did! Personally, I think the most efficient way to play this is strict alternate picking. The weird thing about this is that you're playing in 3's, so every other bend on the...
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    Which tuner to trust ?

    I agree with Ed that, ultimately, you should let your ear decide- regardless of whether your ear is developed or not. The big lesson there is to start trusting your ear and not doubt yourself so much. The accuracy will come with time. Also, trust this tuner---->
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    Theory heads I have a challenge for you

    This is great man! I Love it! Of course like any jaded teacher, I have to say that the theory doesn’t matter as long as it sounds good. So not that we’ve got that out of the way: The big thing here is that you’re going back and forth from a D major sound to a D minor sound, and the change from...
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    I just found a chord I didn't know worked

    Yeah, I mean you could use that chord as a Dorian type chord where the minor 3rd is implied by the rest of the progression. It’s probably used more commonly in a major tonality. It fits nicely in the Major(Ionian) scale and Mixolydian scale. If you bar your first finger that’s hitting the B on...
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    I just found a chord I didn't know worked

    Also 6/9 chords are common in modern jazz, which is what I think you’re talking about. A lot of jazz guys these days like them because you can play those with stacked 4th’s which is a more modern sound.
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    I just found a chord I didn't know worked

    You can make any chord work if you use it correctly. Check out “Chord Chemistry” by Ted Greene. He talks about this in like the very first section and gives a cool chord progression. Can you explain the voicing you’re using? I’d be interested to hear it. It sounds like it fits the major...
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    M.I.A. solo

    If you want a tab, I have it figured out pretty perfectly. Here’s the powertab version of it- I didn’t tab the whole thing, I just changed the solo. This should be pretty spot on minus that little Kirk Hammet “snake lick” at the...
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    Do you guys actually like using the caged system?

    Also something that I really like to follow it the 5 levels of competancy. Read through it and decide where you might be with any given skill in your life. Unconscious incompetence The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. They...
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    Do you guys actually like using the caged system?

    You shouldn’t think of the CAGED system as its own thing, like you are bound to using only those shapes and scales pattern. You can fit literally any other scale pattern you’ve every learned over those CAGED octave shapes. A good example are the 3-note per string patterns. People think of them...
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    Whats your favorite pick?

    Yeah, I’m stoked to try them Ed! I’ve been wanting to go crazy on all the little gear things for a while just to find out what impact they make on tone. I bought the Axe FX III, a clean, flat poweramp and a cab setup, a nice PRS Custom 24, and now I just replaced all my cables with custom Mogami...
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    Whats your favorite pick?

    I’ve been on a big kick lately for really high quality picks and got a Blue Chip Big Jazz 60($40 pick!), a couple Wegen picks which are a bit less pricey, and my next one is a Red Bear pick. It’s arguable, but many people say Blue Chip picks are the best on the planet. They use a special...
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    Shall I show you guys my skype call with Syn?

    Also, I got really drunk and acted weird and probably a little annoying around Syn at a bar in CA once, so I know how you feel buddy. But honestly, it probably wasn’t that weird and he certainly doesn’t remember it now so I’m over it. This reply was modified 3 months, 1 week ago by...
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    Shall I show you guys my skype call with Syn?

    Well if the big thing that is holding you back is the fear of judgement or people thinking you might have come across in a negative, then you should absolutely post it. We should all be conscious of ourselves, the outward expression of the things we do, and the way the world views us- but it...
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    Question on Axe-fx amps

    Yes, there are a few Dumbles and Dumble clones. Idk if you know this, but there are a few boutique amp makers who produce ONLY copies of Dumble amps. The main amp that alexander dumble made was the Overdrive Special, but he made little tweaks and modifications to lots of those Dumble amps...
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    Needing Help on Lesson 25

    One thing I did to get those really big stretches and to play them comfortably was to physically stretch each set of fingers out as wide as possible with my other hand. It’s kinda like doing the splits with each set of fingers i.e. thumb+index, index+middle, middle+ring, ring+pinky. And do the...