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    Welcome fellow Synner!
  2. Cody Dusenberry

    Thank You All For Another Successful Masterclass

    The masterclass was incredible. I obtained more knowledge from Bill in that session than I had in a week of trying to figure out myself. After the class it was like I had a rekindled excitement for guitar that I felt had been missing for some time!!! Many thanks to You, Bill, and Syn for setting...
  3. A little piece of heaven vocals on guitar

    A little piece of heaven vocals on guitar

    I tried to match Matt’s vocal as accurately as I could during the chorus will slight embellishes using slides and vibrato.
  4. Cody Dusenberry

    Red Light Syndrome

    This happens to me and it's one of the reasons I don't post on this site or IG as much as I want to. I'm trying to start overcoming it by forcing myself to post things, but it is definitely a struggle. You are not alone.
  5. Cody Dusenberry

    Any tips on punk songwriting?

    If you are looking to do drums, then I'd say that having 8th note hi-hats along with a snare backbeat played on the upbeat could sound fitting for punk. A good example of what the snare on the upbeat would sound like is in Pierce the Veil's "Bulls In The Bronx", specifically after the intro of song.
  6. Cody Dusenberry

    How Is Everyone Doing?

    Finished my first week back in my dorm and we haven't been kicked out yet like a bunch of other universities around me which is nice. Been finding it kind of difficult to get motivated to pick up the guitar recently though. I'm still practicing, but at times it feels less like me doing something...
  7. Cody Dusenberry

    Comment by 'Cody Dusenberry' in media 'Condensed cover of Dear God'

    Hello all! This is my first time posting in the media section of the SGS so feedback would be greatly appreciated. I also want to be more involved in the community so will try to continue to post more content.
  8. Condensed cover of Dear God

    Condensed cover of Dear God

    I tried to do this in one take as accurately as I could, but I made a few mistakes alone the way so my apologies for that.
  9. Cody Dusenberry

    New Masterclass Session Announced!

    This is great!! Hopefully I will be able to make this session.
  10. Cody Dusenberry

    Please Send Love To A Hurting Fellow Student

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. You have my deepest condolences and I hope you are able to find comfort in these difficult times.
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    This is awesome!!! I would love to attended this first one since CAGED is something I'm currently working, but the time unfortunately lines up perfectly with when I am scheduled to move back into my dorm room. Will definitely be on the lookout for future sessions!!!!
  12. Cody Dusenberry

    Happy Birthday Syn!!!

    Wishing a happy birthday to my biggest musical inspiration and to the best modern day guitar in the world Synyster Gates!!!
  13. Cody Dusenberry

    A new take on “what are you listening to”

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/439RbnqwaEuzFg8yX2YVTG?si=11cNhhCZQkCe6VZ135LU9w https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5jHP2ipG67bPAHIuZoDBWf?si=sFQCdx_zROSZuCv1iXGK_Q These are the two I mainly listen to. I have a few others, but these are the ones I go to most (I know the playlist title doesn't...
  14. Cody Dusenberry

    Users Experience and Opinions About Audio Interfaces

    ProTools would have been VERY difficult for me to use had I not had the help of my professors and upperclassmen to help me, especially since they all used Mac and I only have a Windows PC.
  15. Cody Dusenberry

    Users Experience and Opinions About Audio Interfaces

    My first audio interface was the Behringer UMC22 which is a fairly cheap audio interface that isn't all that bad in my opinion. My first DAW was a free one called tracktion 7 and I still enjoy using it, but since I was able to use other DAWs like ProTools and Logic Studio through my university I...