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    size of the pick

    You can try using those huge triangle picks with 3 sides to them.
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    New Jason Becker Song😱

    This is amazing, thanks for sharing man
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    100% Beast and the Harlot Solo Tabs?

    Hey man, great job finding all of this out by yourself! You are off on some notes though! Use this video and slow it down to 25 or 50% speed and look where he positions his fingers, thats what I did! Peace!
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    what has been your worst live performance?

    My worst live performance was my first one… I was so nervous before the gig I went outside before the show to throw the football so I could think about other stuff… it was a Canadian winter so it was around -25 Celsius and we were playing Bat Country… We came back in about 10 mins before the...
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    Can anyone give some tips on writing a guitar solo?

    I think that you should try to sing the solo. Most people think that when they will learn theory they’ll write killer solos, but it’s not true… it just makes it faster to transfer the melody in your head to the guitar. Alot of people fall in the trap of playing solos that only involve what their...
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    I'm Giving up guitar sorry

    To be honest, in the beginning, I recommend learning songs you wanna play right away. Scales and modes and chords are fucking boring if u start right away with them + they come much easier after you’ve had practice playing other songs. You also notice improvement much faster with songs than with...
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    Unholy Confessions cover almost finished!!

    Everything is fine man, it’s YOUR cover. I just think you should film yourself playing the guitar and singing, was that in your plans? You need some sort of video/videoclip, there is no question about it. But to answer your question, I like your screams, they sound pretty fucking demonic haha...
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    opinions on different kinds of picks?

    Picks matter alot to me. I’ve tried a ton, including boutique guitar picks. I’d say on a logical and technical side, a pick that is pointy, that doesn’t bend, that glides (bevel/material) on the strings and has a solid grip is your best bet. Pointy tip for : Less pick distance to travel before...
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    How to get "feel" in your playing??

    It might sound weird but when I force myself to do faces or be more expressive physically, my guitar playing somewhat follows :p Using different picking dynamics (hit the string really softly vs extremely hard) can tell alot about how youre supposed to feel about a note.
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    Make a song out of Syn's solos

    Im in love with the combination of notes you picked at 0:09 and 0:10 seconds. Its so awesome.
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    Video With Stretches For Guitarists/Carpal Tunnel Courtesy of My Singer

    Thanks Jak!! This is extremely satisfying to watch, like ASMR lol :p I’ve been feeling very good playing guitar since I started yoga too. Here’s one I do often :
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    G4 anyone?

    Which one are you talking about @julian?
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    Ask Papa Gates.

    As a dad, was it scary to see Syn dress in black, get lots of tattoos and drink alot haha?
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    What's your song writting process?

    Two really great responses, thanks!!
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    What's your song writting process?

    Man… I wrote this really fucking cool and emotional 30 sec long riff… But I wrote it maybe 3 months ago and I DONT FREAKING KNOW WHAT TO ADD TO IT, WHAT TO HAVE AS A BACKING TRACK FOR IT… Basically I have no clue what to do with it and it saddens me because I really feel like there is something...