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    my rhythm sucks what can i do

    Record yourself and listen to yourself play, then try to refine your technique. You will be surprised what you notice about your playing when you aren't actually playing.
  2. Synyster Gates School CAGED System – The G Shape – Lesson 26

    Synyster Gates School CAGED System – The G Shape – Lesson 26

    Syn's tips for this lesson are to use ornamentation/embellishing in order to make your chords and soloing more interesting. This helps in developing your own style and making your playing unique to you. I took this as a challenge to use nothing but the scales/arpeggios presented in this lesson...
  3. Daniel Verde

    The Dark Night Guitar 🌘

  4. Daniel Verde

    The Dark Night Guitar 🌘

    This. Guitar. Is soo good... I posted about it a year and half ago... https://syngates.com/threads/unreleased-synyster-gates-custom-s.2296/
  5. Daniel Verde

    What is your opinion on "The Stage" album in its entirety?

    I liked The Stage a lot when it came out, but over time it grew on me even more. Initially The Stage, Roman Sky, Fermi Paradox and Exist were the standout songs to me. But now I love that whole album start to finish. Angels and Higher are exceptional songs, Paradigm has very thought provoking...
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    Vote for the Best Amp Name Now!

    I agree, I think they should narrow it down to perhaps a top five names. And the votes should be determine by only verified/active users on the site. Either that or Syn could just pick the one he likes the most.
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    Electrical/Wiring help if anyone needs

    The sustainiac is pretty sophisticated, it has it's own circuit board. Basically a small calculator runs that thing lol. I haven't had the guts to pull the trigger on it quite yet. But I'm pretty sure if I make sure that the sustainiac always has power when the guitar jack is plugged in, it will...
  8. Daniel Verde

    Electrical/Wiring help if anyone needs

    I got a question for you, I'm contemplating adding a kill switch(with an LED light) to my Synyster Gates Custom-S w/Sustainiac. I added one on an old Ltd. guitar I have... It had active pickups and a stereo output jack. It all went well and everything works perfectly. My question is, do I have...
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    Semi-fretless - Music is Win

    I watched that music is win video earlier today! I thought it was soo cool! And so unfair that he gets that amazing one of a kind guitar! What a lucky guy. Great channel too btw, I highly recommend to anyone who plays guitar.
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    Buzz on Acoustic after dropping down a half step

    If you tune down a half step, there is less tension on the strings. Therefore they do not pull the neck away(away from you when holding the guitar) as much as they normally do. There is something inside the guitar neck called a truss rod. It opposes the tension created by the strings, in other...
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    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    Whoa... last night I explained to my girlfriend all about my amplifier situation, and how I am going to get a new amp... And now this news, it's a sign from the Gods!
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    Excellent, I'm glad I could get that to you! Eddie is a child hood hero, I just had to do something for him.
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    Absolutely I can drop box it to you, I have drop box but I'm not 100% sure how to send it to you. It looks like I can share it with you if I enter your email address(I believe I have a yahoo email address for you). I just shared it with you. Let me know if you get it, or if I should send it to...
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    Yeah I'm really upset, I spent hours making this and youtube just blocked it... SMH