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    What Ed did

    In Lemmy Kilmister's biography he made a similar statement. Either in the later days of Hawkwind or the early days of Motorhead they ended up opening for BOC. Lemmy was a fan at the time but after being given an extremely narrow window to setup, basically being told not to talk to or look at the...
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    Our Music Is Finally Here!!

    Glad to finally hear some of what you guys have been up to! I've listened to it several times already! With a pair of cheaper earbuds, a nice "studio quality" headphones, and in my car! Gotta say it sounded great on all three! The guitar tone was awesome, the drums were nice and thumpy but not...
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    Our Music Is Finally Here!!

    That link was meant to be just a short tidbit as a teaser clip! The song is available to listen to on Spotify, apple music, and Itunes at the moment as far as I'm aware.
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    🤑Looking For Students With Original Music🤑

    I've been listening to your band a lot for the last year or so! I introduced my mom to the Lipstick EP on one of our car trips to town and she practically demanded I add it to her spotify playlist for her! She was much more fond of your tunes compared to some of the more chaotic songs I had...
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    I'm back!

    Looks like a nice guitar to pick back up with. It also looks like it could make for a fun/educational mod platform once you get more experience under your belt as well as figuring out what you do and do not like about it. I'm sure you remember but just a friendly reminder that if you've got any...
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    I'm back!

    Welcome back! Congratulations on getting your first axe! What'd you end up getting?
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    That's awesome! It's very well done! If you don't mind me asking how long did this take you to draw/create?
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    Happy birthday Çagla

    Happy Birthday!
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    Comment by 'Donovan Etue' in media 'Frustrated =('

    Hey there! There's some good advice in here already which is good to see! Starting to use/regularly using a metronome can help immensely. Start off slow and build up over time. In the words of Vince Lombardi. "Practice does not equal perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." Mistakes aren't...
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    How to make strings feel "slinkier"?

    I felt kind of the same way when I swapped from 9-42's to 10-52's for a little while. Now it's become my standard for E Standard, E Flat, Drop D, and Drop C# on one of my 2 guitars setup with 10-52's. You'll get accustomed to it overtime if you want to stick with them. I personally have come to...
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    Congratulations Ari!
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    Newbie needs help with strings!!!!

    Ibanez lists a few of the Gio's string gauge as 10-46 though. Not sure who to go with haha. The manufacturer or the merchant. Maybe it's for higher end Ibanez models ie Jem, J Custom, Made In Japan models, etc.
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    Newbie needs help with strings!!!!

    No problem! Always happy to help where I can. I can certainly vouch for Ernies. I've been using them the entirety of my near 2 years of playing, as well as countless other musicians a million times better than me haha. Good luck, I forgot to add that I highly recommend following along with a...
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    Newbie needs help with strings!!!!

    Changing strings is nothing to fret over! It's a fairly simple process unless you've got a floyd, evertune, or kahler. Ibanez Gio's come from the factory with 10-46 gauge strings from what I can see. Strings are a personal preference. Personally I have 10-52's on 2/3 of my guitars which are for...
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    Happy birthday Aileé, Ethan and Marc!

    Happy birthday you guys! Have an awesome day!