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    Comment by 'Ekrem Taha Ünlü' in media 'ETÜ🎸 on Instagram: “#supermario #mario #supermariobros #soundtrack'

    Firstly thank you bro! Yeah It's very fun to play video games music also It's really epic and cool soundtracks!
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    Did you hear it? FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

    I cried when I listen the song... That's all I want to say
  3. ETÜ🎸 on Instagram: “#supermario #mario #supermariobros #soundtrack

    ETÜ🎸 on Instagram: “#supermario #mario #supermariobros #soundtrack

    Have fun!
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    Moving In To The New Year...

    Great to hear that! Happy new year everyone!
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    Backing Tracks

    Awesome! Thank you 🤘 🖤
  6. ETÜ🎸 on Instagram: “All instruments played by me 🤘🏽

    ETÜ🎸 on Instagram: “All instruments played by me 🤘🏽

  7. Undertale - Megalovania Metal Cover

    Undertale - Megalovania Metal Cover

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    Let's Take It To The Next Level 🎸🎶

    So that's a great idea!
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    Happy Birthday Hayden Dupree

    Happy birthday Hayden!
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    What are you currently listening to?

    I listened about 5 minutes ago haha