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  1. Gabriel Corso

    Testing 1….2….3

    Received it!! Nice
  2. Gabriel Corso

    Can Someone Do Me A Simple Favor?

    Sorry for the late response, Jak! I just started working again and my life is madness haha. I started receiving emails from the school 8 months after it launched. I have been an active user since day 1. And soft some reason I stopped receiving those emails a month ago. Hope that my infos helped...
  3. Gabriel Corso

    Mr Bungle is going on tour

    I just read the news on ultimate guitar. This is amazing! But they will perform 3 shows only if I’m not wrong. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). SF, LA and NYC I believe. Too bad I live in Brazil and can’t make it to the shows haha. If anyone here is going, good concert!! I know it will be...
  4. Gabriel Corso

    The Pharaoh’s Revenge

    Very nice! I can already hear crazy drums coming after this guitar intro. Good job! And keep us up to the next stages of the song
  5. Gabriel Corso


  6. Gabriel Corso

    what was your first guitar?

    Thanks Ezequiel!! It is a fun thing to play. Haha
  7. Gabriel Corso

    what was your first guitar?

    My first one was a Gibson collaboration with Baldwin and maestro I think. I bought this kit at TOYS R US in 2006 if I am not wrong. The funny bit is that it is a small guitar, meant for kids. I love that thing!! Of course it is not good! Of course it does not stay in tune! But I like it!! Bahaha
  8. Gabriel Corso


    Nice!! Looking forward to it
  9. Gabriel Corso

    Do you guys have a favourite guitar type?

    I love semi hollow guitars. The Gibson ES335 is a dream that might never happen to me. But I sure am fascinated by its sound and beauty. But not only semi hollow guitars have my heart. Telecaster is the one for me. For every day, occasion and sound. I mean, it is very versatile. And the sound...
  10. Gabriel Corso

    So, it happened…

    Ed, as I said on Facebook: Congratulations man!!! You totally deserve it! It is very nice to read your experience meeting Syn! He seems like an amazing guy. Not just because we are all fans from the band and stuff, but you know, he replies to pretty much everyone here at the school and is always...
  11. Gabriel Corso

    how is the process of recording a complete song?

    Nice!! I wasn’t aware of that order.
  12. Gabriel Corso

    Question on Axe-fx amps

    @Ids I have heard that he uses a lot of different amps throughout his tour, but he always goes back to his Dumble. I mean, that man can make everything sound amazing.
  13. Gabriel Corso

    Question on Axe-fx amps

    Ed is the master !! Couldn’t agree more. @ids I even believe that John Mayer himself used an axe fx in a concert not long ago. https://www.google.it/amp/s/www.musicradar.com/amp/news/john-mayer-upsets-the-gear-apple-cart-once-more-as-he-uses-axe-fx-live I mean, i think he was invited to play...
  14. Gabriel Corso


    Thanks man!! Going to practice with it later! Keep rocking and practicing. You will see the improvement.
  15. Gabriel Corso


    YOU DID IT!! See, Billy? Now you have a video out in the internet! Thanks for sharing that with us. We all know that it was hard for you, but we are happy that you uploaded it. Firstly, this backing-track is very nice, could you share it with us ? Have you done it by yourself ? Now your...